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For a listing of all ORC employees, consult the ORC Staff Directory

If you know who you wish to contact, you may look them up in the EPA Employee Directory.

Region 5 Experts List

Each entry below lists the designated expert first; alternates follow.

Air and Radiation Division (ARD) Eric Cohen (cohen.eric@epa.gov) 312-886-0703
Deborah Garber (garber.deborah@epa.gov) 312-886-6610
Criminal Investigations David Taliaferro (taliaferro.david@epa.gov) 312-886-0815
Enforcement / Compliance Assistance Eric Cohen (cohen.eric@epa.gov) 312-886-0703
Leverett Nelson (nelson.leverett@epa.gov) 312-886-6666
Land & Chemicals Division (LCD) - Pesticides and Toxics Leverett Nelson (nelson.leverett@epa.gov) 312-886-6666
Connie Puchalski (puchalski.connie@epa.gov) 312-886-6719
Land & Chemicals Division (LCD) - RCRA Wastes Leverett Nelson (nelson.leverett@epa.gov) 312-886-6666
Sandra Lee
(lee.sandra@epa.gov) 312-886-6841
Resources Management Division (RMD) - Personnel Eric Cohen (cohen.eric@epa.gov) 312-886-0703
Superfund Division (SFD) - Cost Recovery Peter Felitti (felitti.peter@epa.gov) 312-886-5114
Superfund Division (SFD) - Generally Larry Kyte (kyte.larry@epa.gov) 312-886-4245
Water Division (WD) Jane Lupton (lupton.jane@epa.gov) 312-886-2238
Stephen Mendoza
(mendoza.stephen@epa.gov) 312-886-6852

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