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Getting Started on Payments & Drawdowns

  1. Applicants are entitled to payments & drawdown once the Assistance Agreement has been signed, returned to and accepted by the Grants Office.

  2. Funds should be drawn down as expenses are incurred. Drawdown from appropriate site code.

  3. The preferred payment method used in Region 5 for new recipients is ASAP (Automated Standard Application for Payments).

  4. ASAP provides a single point of contact for the request and delivery of Federal funds and was developed by U.S. Treasury & Federal Reserve Bank.

  5. Features of ASAP include:
  6. The Las Vegas Finance Center (LVFC) will process Region 5 Grant payments. The LVFC Region 5 contact is:
  7. Ms. Anedia Feaster (feaster.anedia@epa.gov)
    Fax 702-798-2423
  8. To enroll in the ASAP system, call Anedia Feaster with the following:
  9. Find finance forms and Point of Contact info: Payment Information for Grants and Fellowships

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