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Basic Data Submittal Information

Need help preparing an EDD?

GEOS support hotline

For further information call:

David Wilson

Regular or certified mail address: Superfund EDMAN Data Coordinator (SR-6J)
Superfund Division
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5
Chicago, IL 60604

This Web page was developed to provide data providers with information on how to prepare data submittals, when some information about data collected in the past may not be available.

The intent of developing special requirements for historical information is to decrease the burden associated with reporting in-depth details about data that may have been collected a number of years ago. EPA recognizes that some information about data collected in the past may not be readily available and, by reducing the requirements for electronic historical data, is endeavoring to strike a balance between minimizing the amount of effort involved in providing information and maximizing the ability to document remedy progress.

Prior to using the "Basic Electronic Data Deliverable Specification" data format, data providers should contact Region 5 through the GEOS EDD support e-mail (geoseddsupport@epa.gov).

Basic Electronic Data Deliverable Specification Manual Version 3.0 (PDF) (34 pp, 1.0MB) June 2013 - gives data providers substantial detailed information regarding the preparation of Basic EDD files.

Furthermore, data providers can use the Comprehensive EDD templates (XLS) (235K) (Chemistry and Geology) January 2009 while preparing data for submittal.

Valid Value Information

Below is the list of valid values as published in the Superfund Electronic Data Deliverable Specification Manuals (Version 2.0). These values have been verified and approved for data provider use by EPA Region 5. Please print this list, as it will be used often throughout the EDD preparation process.

Current valid values can be viewed within the EDP application window by clicking on the "Reference Values" tab found in the lower-left hand side. Use this tab to view what valid values can be used or to verify an EDP error related to a reference value.

Is Your Valid Value Not Listed?

If a lab has provided you with a valid value that is generating errors in data checker software, please e-mail a Valid Value Addition Request to GEOS EDD support (geoseddsupport@epa.gov).

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