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Defense Electronic Supply Center (DESC)- Dayton, Ohio

EPA RPM: Thomas L. Smith (312) 886-6540 smith.thomasl@epa.gov

State RPM: Mike Proffitt (937) 285-6603 mike.proffitt@epa.state.oh.us
DoD BEC: John Fringer (703) 696-5573 jfringer@afbdal.hq.af.mil

Significant Issues - (April- June 2003):

  • Congressional. None at this time
  • High profile items. None at this time.
  • Delays in Environmental Restoration Actions. None at this time.

Issues Impacting Reuse/Transfer: Not at this time.

Completed to Date in FY
(Source: CERCLIS)
(Source: CERCLIS)
(Source: CERCLIS)

(Source: CERCLIS)


Major BCT achievements or successes:

  • Technology Optimization, Partnering, Property Transfer:
    1. Achievements. Draft FOST for Parcel E is out at this time. This is the final FOST for this facility. A determination of Operating Properly and Successfully (OPS) has to be made of the Final Remedy before the FOST can be finalized. This is being completed at this time.
    2. Issues. None at this time
  • Community Activities.
    1. Achievements. None at this time.
    2. Issues. None at this time.

  • Any relevant installation issue not covered elsewhere: None at this time.

Staffing/Funding Issues:
  • None at this time

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