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Glenview Naval Air Station / Libertyville Training Site, IL

EPA RPM: Gary Schafer (312) 353-8827 schafer.gary@epa.gov
IL RPM: Charlene Falco (217) 785-2891 epa4142@epa.state.il.us
DoD BEC: Barbara Nwokike (803) 820-5566 NwokikeBR@efdsouth.navfac.navy.mil

see also: OSWER's page for this site

Significant Issues- (APRIL-JUNE 2003):

  • Congressional: None at this time.
  • High Profile Items: None at this time.
  • Delays in Environmental Restoration Actions: None at this time.
Issues Impacting Reuse/Transfer: None at this time.
Completed to Date in FY
(Source: CERCLIS)
(Source: CERCLIS)
(Source: CERCLIS)

(Source: CERCLIS)

Major BCT achievements or successes:

  • Technology Optimization, Partnering, Property Transfer:
    1. Achievements: The Final FOST for the Libertyville Site was signed this reporting period. This is the final parcel to be transferred at Glenview and Libertyville. Since all sites were cleaned up to unrestricted use, this essentially completes the BCT's actions at this site.
    2. Issues: None at this time.
  • Community Activities
    1. Achievements: The Navy held a Final BCT/ RAB meeting on June 3, 2003. The RAB voted unanimously to disband. The BRAC Cleanup Team also disbanded, as all work has been completed and the site remediated to unrestricted use levels.
    2. Issues:None at this time.

  • Any other relevant installation issues not covered elsewhere: None at this time.
Staffing/Funding Issues: None at this time.

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