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Grissom Air Reserve Base, IN

EPA RPM: Tim Fischer (312) 886-5787- fischer.timothy@epa.gov

State RPM: Stephanie Riddle (317) 234-0358 sriddle@dem.state.in.us
DoD BEC: Marlene Seneca (765) 688-3405 marlene.seneca@afrpa.pentagon.af.mil

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Significant Issues - (APRIL-JUNE 2003):

The Voluntary Remediation Agreement between AFRPA and IDEM was signed in June 2003, and the Central Heat Plant assessment and cleanup are now officially in the IDEM VRP program. US EPA will be reviewing VRP documents for comments, which will be forwarded to the AFRPA through the IDEM VRP representative.

Issues Impacting Reuse/Transfer:

    Completed to Date in FY
    (Source: CERCLIS)
    (Source: CERCLIS)
    (Source: CERCLIS)

    (Source: CERCLIS)

Major BCT achievements or successes:

  • Technology Optimization, Partnering, Property Transfer:
    1. Parcel B-West is slated for transfer by the end of the fiscal year.

  • Community Activities (e.g. RAB and statutory community involvement activities):
    1. No RAB meetings were held during this reporting period.

  • Any relevant installation issue not covered elsewhere:
    1. Parcels C, D, and I are on hold until further investigation is completed at Building 190, which has been leased to the Grissom Redevelopment Authority and subleased to Western Reman. Allegedly, a disgruntled Western Reman employee poured TCE into a catch basin outside of Building 190 in July 1999. Immediate steps were taken to control the spill, and a subsequent investigation of the extent of the contamination was conducted on behalf of Western Reman. Western Reman's contractor has made the determination that there is an upgradient source of TCE, and that at least some of the contamination found downgradient of the catch basin can be attributed to the Air Force. Further field sampling was completed in April 2003 to try to define the extent of the TCE plume. Results from this sampling effort have given the BCT an idea of the extent of contamination, but more sampling investigation work is planned for the future. Until the extent is defined and remedial requirements can be determined for Parcels C, D, and I, they will not be transferred.

Staffing/Funding Issues:

  • None at this time.

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