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Naval Air Warfare Center, IN

EPA RPM: Thomas L. Smith 312/886-6540 smith.thomasl@epa.gov
State RPM: Kevin Herron 317/243-0354 KHERRON@dem.state.in.us
DoD BEC: Alan Shoultz 843/820-5669 shoultznal@efsouth.navfac.navy.mil

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Significant Issues- (APRIL-JUNE 2003):
  • Congressional: None at this time.
  • High Profile Items: None at this time.
  • Delays in Environmental Restoration Actions: None at this time.
Issues Impacting Reuse/Transfer: None at this time.
Completed to Date in FY
(Source: CERCLIS)
(Source: CERCLIS)
(Source: CERCLIS)

(Source: CERCLIS)

Major BCT achievements or successes:

  • Technology Optimization, Partnering, Property Transfer:
    1. Achievements: FOST 1B is going ahead on schedule, all EPA comments were addressed in a timely fashion. U.S. EPA concurred with Revision 02 of the Construction Completion Report for the Austin Duct Junction Box Decontamination and Flooring Removal.
    2. Issues: IDEM has undertaken the lead in the evaluation of the Risk Assessment. This Risk Assessment addresses groundwater at 4 Areas of Concern and 1 Installation Restoration Site. Once this task is finished, the BCT will be able to determine the next course of action for groundwater at these sites.
  • Community Activities
    1. Achievements: None at this time.
    2. Issues:None at this time.

  • Any other relevant installation issues not covered elsewhere: None at this time.
Staffing/Funding Issues: None at this time.

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