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Savanna Army Depot, IL

EPA RPM: Thomas Barounis (312) 353-5577 barounis.thomas@epa.gov
State RPM: Charlene Falco (217) 785-2891 charlene.falco@epa.state.il.us
DOD BEC: John Clarke (815) 273-8827 ClarkeJ@osc.army.mil

see also: OSWER's page for this site

Significant Issues- (APRIL-JUNE 2003):

  • Congressional. The BRAC status of the property and the District Congressman's (Manzullo) interest in property transfer, continues. During a May 2003 meting with the Army BRAC Office, the congressman was informed of current plans to lease a significant portion of the property that is to be transferred to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to the LRA for the development of a Data Farm. This activity has the potential to generate two thousand jobs for the local economy.
    For this reason, a FOSL for this area has become a top priority for the Army.

  • High Profile Items. The Army is still committed to transferring a minimum amount of SVDA acreage before the end of the fiscal year. Toward that end, several FOSTs have taken priority over other work at the site.

  • Delays in Environmental Restoration Actions. The situation with respect to delays at the SVDA Site is complex because of the nature of the site and. What may be considered delays are site-specific and project-specific, and relate to the adequacy of characterization, the integration of removal actions into final actions, concurrence on final decision documents, and the needs of multiple parties (DoD, the regulators, federal and state land stewards and the local community). Reasonable and realistic timetables for these activities have been developed and will be reviewed during the SMART Team and BCT meetings scheduled for the second week in July.

  • SMART Team changes. The SMART Team meeting, which was scheduled for June 2003, was postponed to July as a result of the priority given by the Army to FOST/FOSL/Land Transfer Issues. Also, the Army Environmental Policy Institute (AEPI) facilitator for the SMART Team's efforts will be changing as of the July SMART Team meeting.

Issues Impacting Reuse/Transfer:

The primary issues impacting transfer have to do with a) whether or not known areas of contamination within specific parcels have been fully remediated to an acceptable level of protectiveness; b) whether the full nature and extent of contamination within specific parcels has been determined; and c) whether OE/UXO issues associated with specific parcels have been adequately addressed. All of these issues are under active discussion with respect to the areas identified for transfer during the current fiscal year.

Completed to Date in FY
(Source: CERCLIS)
(Source: CERCLIS)
(Source: CERCLIS)

(Source: CERCLIS)

Major BCT achievements or successes:

  • Technology Optimization, Partnering, Property Transfer:
    1. Achievements: Site 44 has been characterized for purposes of a non-time critical removal action that is expected to take place in July. Team is making progress toward resolving OE/UXO issues. FOSTs were prepared for Parcels 14A and 19, and the regulators commented upon these documents in early June. Regulatory comments on a number of documents were completed (Sites 15 and 33 Removal Action, Lower Post RI, Zone L EE/CA Work Plan, Site 197 [Indoor Firing Range], Site 111 [Outdoor Washout Facility], and the OE Site Characterization Report). Responses to, and resolution of comments, will begin with the upcoming reporting period.
    2. Issues: Upcoming FOSL, FOST, and OPS: Additional FOSTs for LRA (Local Reuse Authority) Parcels 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 are anticipated.
  • Community Activities (e.g., RAB): Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) - The next RAB meeting is scheduled during the next reporting period (July 10).

  • Any other relevant installation issues not covered elsewhere: None at this time.
Staffing/Funding Issues:
  • The RPM is not, at this time, aware of any staffing or funding issues impacting EPA's ability to perform its oversight role at the Site.

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