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Wurtsmith Air Reserve Base, MI

EPA RPM: Diana Mally (312) 886-7275 mally.diana@epa.gov

MI RPM: Bob Delaney (517) 373-9607 delaneyr@michigan.gov
DoD BEC: Paul Rekowski (989) 739-5161 paul.rekowski@afrpa.pentagon.af.mil

see also: OSWER's page for this site

Significant Issues - (APRIL-JUNE 2003):

  • Congressional: None at this time.
  • High profile items:None at this time.
  • Delays in Environmental Restoration Activities: None at this time.

Issues Impacting Reuse/Transfer:

EPA and MDEQ have provided their comments on the Consolidated Remedial Action Plan (C-RAP). EPA did not raise any issues that would impact reuse/transfer. MDEQ's issues may potentially impact reuse/transfer since they continue to assert many sites are inadequately characterized.

    Completed to Date in FY
    (Source: CERCLIS)
    (Source: CERCLIS)
    (Source: CERCLIS)

    (Source: CERCLIS)

Major BCT achievements or successes:

  • Technology Optimization, Partnering, Property Transfer:
    1. Achievements: Achievement. On May 13, a representative of the US Forest Service (USFS) joined the BCT in conducting a field reconnaissance of Site LF-27, which is intended to be transferred to the USFS after remedial action is complete.
    2. Issues: None at this time

  • Community Activities (e.g., RAB and statutory community involvement activities)::
    1. Achievements: None at this time.
    2. Issues: None at this time

  • Any relevant installation issue not covered elsewhere.
    1. Document Review: During this reporting period, EPA provided comments on the Consolidated Remedial Action Plan (C-RAP). EPA also provided comments on a Supplemental Remedial Investigation, the Land Use Control/Institutional Control Worksheet, and several technical plans and letters.
    2. Fieldwork/Construction. During this reporting period, the Site TW-44 and "Gap Area" groundwater investigation was conducted. The oil water separator (OWS)/ soil removal project at Site ST-68 was conducted. Lastly, long-term groundwater and surface water monitoring was conducted at several sites.
    3. Treatment Systems. The Arrow Street groundwater pump and treat system, the Benzene Plant air stripping system, the Mission Street air stripping system, the SS-06 bioventing system and the soil vapor extraction/air sparge system, the FT-02 soil vapor extraction system, and the LF-30/31 air sparge/pump and treat system continue to be operated and maintained.
    4. BCT Meeting. Two BCT meetings were held during the reporting period. Results of recent sampling events and sites requiring further investigation were included as topics at the meetings.

Staffing/Funding Issues: None at this time.

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