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Federal Facilities NPL Clean-ups

Oversight of Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Interior (DOI) environmental restoration in Region 5 is conducted primarily through Superfund and RCRA Corrective Action authorities. Oversight activities include reviewing work plans written by the other Federal agencies to make sure that the planned activities will comply with all environmental regulations, watching field work to assure that all sampling and construction activities are being done according to approved plans and reviewing reports of findings for technical accuracy.

The Federal agencies listed above are responsible for paying for and conducting environmental restoration at NPL Federal facilities. U.S. EPA's oversight assures that all of the work is conducted properly and that the end product of the cleanup efforts will protect human health and the environment and be acceptable to the local community.

Region 5's working relationship with DOD, DOE and DOI is based on negotiated legal agreements called Federal Facilities Agreements (FFAs) or Interagency Agreements (IAGs). FFAs or IAGs are in place at all of the NPL Federal facilities in Region 5. The states in which the facilities are located may also be a party to these agreements or may have separate legal agreements with the other agencies.

Cleanup activities at NPL Federal facilities in Region 5 have, by large, advanced to the decision phase and all facilities have begun actual cleanup activities. One facility, the Twin Cities small arms Range, has been removed from the NPL. Because liability for the environmental problems is not an issue, the Federal Government assumes full responsibility, the other Federal agencies and Region 5 seek maximum flexibility in cleanup approach. At any given facility, remedial actions may be accompanied by removal actions, presumptive remedies and innovative technologies.

Federal facilities, by nature, pose complicated environmental problems because the facilities are large (often exceeding tens of thousands of acres) and many industrial activities may have occurred on the property (for example, research and development, manufacturing, maintenance, training, and/or testing). Most of the environmental work at Region 5 NPL facilities is broken up into Operable Units (OUs), to break the work up into more manageable pieces (for example ground water, landfills, soil contamination).

NPL Cleanup Work

Explanations of our NPL Cleanup work may be viewed by clicking on specific bases or just select the name of the base at the following table.

Federal Facilities NPL map Wright-Patterson Air Force Base U.S. DOE Mound Plant Naval Industrial Reserve Ordinance Plant New Brighton / Arden Hills Army Ammunition Joliet Army Ammunition Plant Twin Cities Small Arms Range Feed Materials Production Plant Savanna Army Depot Activity Feed Material Production Plant Joliet Army Ammunition Plant New Brighton/Arden Hills Army Ammunition Savana Army Depot Activity Twin Cities Small Arms Range U.S. DOE Mound Plant Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

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