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Report oil or chemical spills at 800-424-8802 Report environmental violations
Regional SF Links
National Information
Superfund Reference

Long-term Cleanup by State

State Cleanup Sites NPL fact sheets Records of Decision (RODs) Five-year reviews Sites with Superfund alternative approach agreements
Illinois IL Cleanup sites IL NPL fact sheets IL RODs IL 5-yr reviews IL Superfund Alternative sites
Indiana IN Cleanup sites IN NPL fact sheets IN RODs IN 5-yr reviews IN Superfund Alternative sites
Michigan MI Cleanup sites MI NPL fact sheets MI RODs MI 5-yr reviews MI Superfund Alternative sites
Minnesota MN Cleanup sites MN NPL fact sheets MN RODs MN 5-yr reviews MN Superfund Alternative sites
Ohio OH Cleanup sites OH NPL fact sheets OH RODs OH 5-yr reviews OH Superfund Alternative sites
Wisconsin WI Cleanup sites WI NPL fact sheets WI RODs WI 5-yr reviews WI Superfund Alternative sites

Emergency Responses

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