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EPA ID# MND059680165
Last Updated: July, 2012

Site Description

The 10-acre Kurt Manufacturing (Kurt) site is located one mile from the Mississippi River in Fridley, Anoka County, Minnesota.  Kurt has been machining and fabricating metal components since 1960.  Industrial solvent was spilled into a drainage pit beneath the company's metal shavings bin storage area.  A 140-foot deep groundwater well, which is used for industrial and potable purposes, is screened in bedrock in the Prairie du Chien formation.  Sampling results showed tetrachloroethene (PCE) contamination in the groundwater.

The site is an industrial property and has neighboring industrial and residential areas. Over 163,000 people live within one mile of the site.

The Kurt site was proposed to be placed on the Superfund National Priorities List (NPL) in October 1984 and finalized to the NPL in June 1986.

Site Responsibility

The Kurt Manufacturing site was being addressed through potentially responsible party (PRP) actions under state oversight as a part of U.S. EPA's enforcement deferral pilot agreement with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).  It is now being addressed through PRP actions under federal and state oversight.

Threats and Contaminants

Groundwater and soil at the site were contaminated by PCE, trichloroethane, cis-1,2-dichloroethylene, and trichloroethene (TCE).  Prior to any cleanup work being taken (see Cleanup Progress, below), direct contact or accidental ingestion of contaminated soil or groundwater could have posed a human health risk.  Currently, surface soil has been cleaned up but dissolved contaminants remain in site groundwater.

Cleanup Progress

Kurt constructed a pump-and-treat system in 1986 to clean up contaminated groundwater near the site.  The system is still operating and it will continue to operate until groundwater cleanup goals are achieved.  More details about the history of the investigation and the cleanup are shown below.

In 1982, before the site was listed on the NPL, Kurt Manufacturing had conducted a shallow groundwater investigation.  In 1983, to evaluate the source of contamination, Kurt installed additional upgradient groundwater monitoring wells, televised and gamma-logged their 140-foot production well and sanitary sewer lines, installed soil borings, and collected groundwater samples from beneath the metal shavings bin.  Sampling results indicated that the metal shavings bin area was the source of the groundwater contamination.  In 1984, the shavings bin sump was excavated and capped to prevent further seepage.

In April 1984, MPCA issued a request for response action, calling for the negotiation of a consent order for a remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) and for the design and implementation of cleanup actions.  A consent order was signed in August 1984.  The RI was completed in 1986, and a pump-and-treat system was installed in 1986.  A Minnesota Enforcement Decision Document was completed in May 1986.  Operation of the pumping system and groundwater monitoring are ongoing.  In 2007, the site was delisted from Minnesota's Permanent List of Priorities; however, the site remains on the NPL.

The MPCA completed the most recent five-year review of this site in 2009.  MPCA determined that the cleanup remedy at this site remains protective of human health and the environment in the short term.  The sump, which is suspected to be the contaminant source area, has been removed and capped to reduce infiltration.  A shallow well, which was thought to be a source of infiltration of contaminants into groundwater, has been propertly abandoned.  A pump and treat sysem is in operation to control migration of shallow groundwater.  Institutional controls are in place to limit access to groundwater and soils.  Recommendations for additional actions to ensure long-term protectiveness include capture zone analysis and placing an additional institutional control on the site for groundwater.

In 2010, Kurt Manufacturing removed additional soil from the source area and installed a pilot soil vapor extraction (SVE) system.  It is hoped that this additional source removal will shorten the length of time that an active groundwater migration control system will need to operate.    

Property Reuse

The site remains an active industrial property.  Kurt Manufacturing has operated a precision machining and metal fabrication facility at this location since 1960.


Remedial Project Manager, U.S. EPA
sheila desai (desai.sheila@epa.gov)
(312) 353-4150

Community Involvement Coordinator, U.S. EPA
teresa jones
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