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2008 GAP Conference

April 1-2, 2008 at Valdas V. Adamkus Conference Center, US EPA Region 5, Chicago.

Tuesday, April 1

Welcome & Introductions

Presentation: Taimi Lynne Hoag Environmental Stewardship Award

Walter Kovalick, Assistant Regional Administrator & Director, Resource Management Division

General Assistance Program Updates & Announcements

Carol Jorgensen, Director, EPA American Indian Environmental Office (AIEO)

OIG GAP Audit Report

Tribal Input to EPA Budget & Planning Activities

GAP Tracking System

Carol Jorgensen, Director, American Indian Environmental Office (AIEO)
Barbara Mack, EPA Region 5 Indian Environmental Office

Panel on Direct Implementation Tribal Agreements - Tribal Perspectives

Environmental Protection in Ceded Territories

New Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Requirements

Adrianne Callahan, EPA Region 5 Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization Coordinator: MDE/WBE to DBE Program Overview (PDF) (6pp, 107K)

Overview of EPA Budget and Planning Measures

TAS Update

Current status of TAS applications in Region 5

Barbara Wester & Rodger Field, EPA Region 5 Office of Regional Counsel

National TAS Strategy and Region 5 response

Barbara Wester & Rodger Field, EPA Region 5 Office of Regional Counsel

Moving Forward on Water Quality Standards for Indian Country

Breakout 1: Status of the Great Lakes Collaboration and Mechanisms for Tribal Participation in Great lakes Programs

John Haugland, EPA Great Lakes National Program Office: The Great Lakes Executive Order and The Great Lakes Regional Collaboration (PDF) (9pp, 500K)

Breakout 2: Region 5 Framework for Addressing Climate Change and Clean Energy

Melissa Hulting, EPA Region 5 Air & Radiation Division: EPA Climate Change Activities (PDF) (11pp, 406K)

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Wednesday, April 2

Homeland Security Issues

Update on National Response Framework

Colleen Finkl, National Incident Management System Coordinator, DHS/FEMA Region V : National Response Framework (PDF) (15pp, 2.6MB)

Water Resource Security and Response

Chuck Pycha & Nick Damato, EPA Region 5 Water Division

Mutual Aid and Assistance In the Water Sector: The Water & Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN) Concept Expands (PDF) (22pp, 659K About PDF)

Ground Water Drinking Water Branch: Tribal Direct Implementation Team Security initiatives (PDF) (7pp, 187K About PDF)

Debris Management Activities

Paul Ruesch, EPA Region 5 Land & Chemicals Division : Disaster Debris (PDF) (16pp, 411K)

Overview of Notification and Response Procedures for Spills/Releases

Bill Simes, EPA Region 5 Emergency Response Branch, Superfund : Sources of Information (PDF) (22pp, 751K)

EPA Region 5 Emergency Response Branch (PDF) (7pp, 199K)

Complying with the National Historic Preservation Act

Indian Environmental Office Update

Luke Jones, Director, EPA Region 5 Indian Environmental Office

Breakout 5: New Lead (Pb) Paint Requirements (Renovation, Repair & Painting Rule)

David Turpin, EPA Region 5 Land & Chemicals Division : Lead; Renovation, Repair and Painting Program: Final Rule (PDF) (14pp, 168K)

Breakout 6: Diesel and Clean School Bus Grants Program

Steve Marquardt, EPA Region 5 Air & Radiation Division : Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative (PDF) (16pp, 357K)

Integrated Waste Management Plans - The 5 Elements and Tribal Case Studies

All Appropriate Inquiry - Update on Rule, Revised BIA AAI/NEPA Manual, and Inter-Agency Training

Herb Nelson, Bureau of Indian Affairs : Status of DOI and BIA Manuals on EPA's Regulations 40 CFR 312 for All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) (PDF) (8pp, 856K)

Conference Evaluations and Looking Ahead to Thursday and Beyond

EPA Region 5 Indian Environmental Office

Region 5 Tribal Operations Committee Tribal Caucus

Prepare for Thursday's R5TOC meeting, all tribal representatives welcome

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