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Region 5 eCycling Program Coordinator

Chris Newman (newman.christopherm@epa.gov) 312-353-8402
US EPA Region 5
77 W. Jackson Blvd. (DW-8J)
Chicago, IL 60604

National Information

eCycling in Region 5 states

Many states now have product stewardship laws which require electronics brand owners and retailers selling certain types of equipment to work with consumers and local governments to recycle this equipment at the end of its life. These laws also include landfill disposal bans for some electronics.

Why should you recycle cell phones?

Listen to Susie Jones of WCCO radio in Minnesota interview EPA's Chris Newman about National Cell Phone Recycling Week 2010

Selecting an electronics recycler

When updating their computer systems, many businesses will need to select an electronics recycler to manage their equipment. When selecting an electronics waste recycler it's important to understand what your needs are and what services a recycler can provide. It is also good to know a little about the industry, what performance standards recyclers may have, and claims recyclers may make. This presentation will provide some information on how to find an electronics recycler that fits your needs.

Selecting an Electronics Recycler - Tips for local governments and small businesses (PDF) (33 pp, 370K About PDF) January 2010

Region 5 projects

The Region 5 solid waste program has developed the following objectives in partnership with our states:

Region 5 Electronics Projects and Grants

Export Requirements of EPA's Cathode Ray Tube Rule (PDF) (20pp, 536K About PDF) June 2009 - see also Cathode Ray Tube Rule

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