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IDEM-EPA-Shell Oil Multi-Site Agreement

Memorandum: Promoting the Use of Multi-Site Approaches to Cleanup and Revitalize LUST Sites (PDF) (8pp, 110K About PDF) March 29, 2004



Multi-Site agreements provide an opportunity for federal leadership in innovation. Region 5 helped develop a multi-site agreement (MSA) between the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and Shell Oil. This agreement was the first MSA of its kind between the U.S. EPA, a State agency, and a major oil corporation for LUST remediation. The purpose of the MSA is to increase the pace of tank remediation of Shell Oil facilities in Indiana by standardizing the corrective action process, ensuring consistency, improving communication, prioritizing sites, and establishing response time frames. This MSA cleanup agreement provided Shell Oil an opportunity to voluntarily address environmental conditions within the context of a single cooperative, mutually beneficial, state-wide agreement. In the MSA, Region 5 will 1) provide any necessary oversight and assistance to further the remediation progress of the sites under the MSA, and 2) assist in the dispute resolution process to the appropriate degree if the dispute could not be resolved informally.

The MSA covers 77 Shell Oil LUST sites. It allows IDEM and Shell Oil an opportunity to agree on the prioritization of the sites, provides flexibility by allowing the state and company to negotiate which sites to move forward in a given year, commit resources in the form of an annual budget, and target 10-15 sites/year for cleanup completed.

The MSA provides an opportunity for federal leadership in innovation in promoting faster LUST cleanups for a multi-site owner. The agreement streamlined the corrective action process resulting in a more efficient use of resources and time.

For Shell Oil, the agreement accomplishes the following:

For IDEM, the agreement accomplishes the following:

For Region 5, the MSA:


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