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Taylorville Energy Center

Map showing location of proposed TEC well

Site Location - Map of proposed well location (PDF) (1pg, 151K) northeast of the city of Taylorville, Christian County, Illinois

Status of Underground Injection Control Program Decision

EPA is reviewing the TEC permit application. (November 2011)

Contact Information

Steve Roy (roy.stephen@epa.gov)
312-886-6556 or 800-621-8431, ext. 66556

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Christian County Generation, L.L.C. applied for Underground Injection Control (UIC) permits to construct and operate two Class VI injection wells for the purpose of geologic sequestration (capture and storage) of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Christian County Generation, L.L.C. proposes to develop an electric generating facility using Integrated Gasification Combined-Cycle (IGCC) technology at the Taylorville Energy Center near Taylorville, IL. This site proposes to capture and store at least 50% of the CO2 by injecting it more than 5,000 feet below ground surface.

The project has a projected operation period of 30 years during which time about 63 million metric tons are proposed to be injected based on the current plant design.

EPA is reviewing the permit application.

TEC Permit Application

EPA received TEC's applications for permits for two CO2 injection wells in September 2011. They were assigned the identification numbers IL-021-6A-0001 and IL-021-6A-0002. EPA is reviewing the application for completeness and technical adequacy. (November 2011)

Permit Application - September 2011

You will need the free Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Additional Permit Application-Related Documents

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UIC Permitting Process


This table shows the major steps that the UIC program follows to process a permit application from start to finish. Our current step is highlighted.

Action Date
Receive the permit application September 2011
Conduct a completeness review, and request additional information if necesary October 2011
Conduct a technical review, and request additional information if necessary November 2011-present
Complete technical review, make a draft decision and announce the draft decision and public comment period  
Accept public input by mail and online  
Hold public hearing  
Compile the public comments received  
Conduct additional technical review of the permit application if relevant technical issues were raised in comments  
Prepare responses to comments received  
Issue final decision  
If the final decision is appealed, respond to the appeal  
In cases of appeal, the Environmental Appeals Board issues decision  

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