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Water Enforcement & Compliance Assurance

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The Water Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (WECA) Branch assures compliance with the Clean Water Act and provides a deterrent to polluters by taking timely and appropriate enforcement action against significant non-compliers; provides a Federal field presence in the six Region 5 States; and assures effective State enforcement programs. The WECA Branch has the lead role in the Division for negotiating annual programmatic commitments under the Headquarters/Region Memoranda of Agreement for all enforcement programs within the Division, and for coordination of those activities with the Office of Regional Counsel, the other Regional media enforcement organizations, and the Division's State and Tribal Programs Branch. The Branch is responsible for all enforcement and compliance functions under the CWA, with the exception of wetlands enforcement under section 404 of the Act.

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Contact Information

Water Enforcement & Compliance Assurance Branch
77 W. Jackson Blvd.,
Chicago, IL 60604
FAX: 312-886-0168

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