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Region 6

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Supplemental Environmental Projects

CAED Information

SEPs are environmentally beneficial projects that a violator voluntarily agrees to undertake during settlement of an enforcement action. The purpose of a SEP is to secure significant environmental or public health protection improvements beyond those achieved by bringing the violator into compliance.  If the violator chooses to perform an acceptable SEP, it must protect or reduce risks to public health or the environment, and have a relationship with the violation.  Additional information regarding SEPs.


This web site was created as a tool for Region 6 to request SEP ideas from the external and internal community. These ideas may be considered as a part of a case settlement by violators. Please realize that SEPs are not mandatory and there is no way to ensure that your project will be adopted. Since other legal requirements should be met, many ideas, such as a playground or an employment center, are not allowed. If you would like to send an idea click here.

DISCLAIMER: The Region 6 SEP Library is a compilation of ideas for Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs) submitted by private individuals and entities, as well as federal, state and local governmental agencies. Inclusion of a project herein does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation or pre-approval by the United States Government. In addition, inclusion of any project in a settlement with the United States for violations of environmental law must comport with the terms of the March 2015 Updated SEP Policy.

Following are projects that companies agreed to perform as part of case settlements during:

FY 15

FY 14

FY 13

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