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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations

RAIMI - Regional Air Impact Modeling Initiative

RAIMI: A Practical Approach for Implementing Cumulative Type Assessments on a Localized Scale

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region 6, established the Regional Air Impact Modeling Initiative (RAIMI) to evaluate the potential for health impacts as a result of exposure to multiple contaminants from multiple sources, at a community level of resolution. Often when evaluating permitting and enforcement actions, EPA needs to consider the bigger picture as opposed to the traditional source-by-source, program-by-program approach. Such an approach has blindly focused on selective units, often located among a "forest" of others impacting the same receptor neighborhoods. As a result, goals of RAIMI focused on developing the capability to conduct localized assessments in a timely enough manner so as to actually be useful in day-to-day permitting and enforcement activities, that would obviously support cross-program participation, and that would provide results at a level of resolution and traceability that serve as an asset to stakeholders needing to evaluate and implement solutions.


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Adobe PDF files on this page. See EPA's PDF page for more information about getting and using the free Acrobat Reader.

As a test of the RAIMI methods and approach, a Pilot Study was designed and implemented in Port Neches, TX. The Initial Phase of the Pilot Study outlines methods and approaches for estimating risks resulting from direct inhalation, while the second phase of the study is the calculation of indirect exposures resulting from air-related sources.

RAIMI External Peer Review Phase I:

Executive Summary [pdf 4 pgs]
Title and Table of Contents [pdf 19 pgs]
Chapter 1 Introduction
[pdf 14 pgs]
Chapter 2 Assessment Area Characteristics [pdf 25 pgs]
Chapter 3 Emissions Characterization [pdf 18 pgs]
Chapter 4 Air Dispersion Modeling
[pdf 28 pgs]
Chapter 5 Risk Modeling
[pdf 13 pgs]
Chapter 6 Initial Phase Results [pdf 69 pgs]
Chapter 7 Performance Review [pdf 12 pgs]
Appendices: contact Jeff Yurk for CDrom
[pdf 6 pgs]
sample map
RAIMI Tools:
Data Miner Emissions Inventory Query Tool:
Fact Sheet
[pdf 2 pgs]
Users Guide
[691 kb pdf 50 pgs]
Validation Report
[23 kb pdf 6 pgs]
(request by email)

data miner logo

AMP Air Modeling Preprocessor:
Fact Sheet [ kb pdf 2 pgs]
Users Guide
[830 kb pdf 36 pgs]
Validation Report
[23 kb pdf 6 pgs]
(request by email)

sample Air Modeling Preprocessor Map

Risk MAP
Risk Management and Analysis Platform:

Fact Sheet [ kb pdf 2 pgs]
Users Guide (Coming soon)
Software (request by email)
Validation Report (Coming soon)

sample Risk Management and Analysis Platform diagram

Fact Sheet [91 kb pdf 1 pg]
Users Guide [254 kb pdf]
Software (request by email)
Validation Report [12 kb pdf]

picture of batch page in computer

Fact Sheet [87 kb pdf 1 pg]
Users Guide [107 kb pdf]
Software (request by email)
Validation Report [21kb pdf]
picture of form in computer

RAIMI Presentations:

Conducting a Local Assessment: How to get Started [2056 kb ppt]

RAIMI Training Slides [1876 kb ppt]

RAIMI Conceptual Model [110 kb pdf 1 pg]

RAIMI Solutions Management Tree [68 kb ppt]

RAIMI Environmental Justice Presentation [4659 kb ppt]

Developing Emissions Inventory Bounding Estimates For Use in Community-Based Risk Assessment [676 kb pdf 9 pgs]

Cumulative Risk Prioritization Tool [1158 kb pdf 10 pgs]

Ponca City Air Toxic Assessment Final Report Exit EPA

For more information on RAIMI:

Mr. Jeffrey Yurk

Compliance Assurance and Enforcement Division
Office of the Associate Director
1445 Ross Avenue, suite 1200 (6EN-X)
Dallas, TX 75202
(214) 665-8309

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