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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations

Clean Water Act NPDES Discharge Monitoring Reports

NetDMR is a Web-based tool that allows NPDES permittees to electronically sign and submit their discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) to EPA’s Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS-NPDES) via the Environmental Information Exchange Network. NetDMR is designed to reduce the burden on EPA, states, and the regulated community; improve data quality; provide a cost savings; and expand the ability of both states and EPA in targeting their limited resources to meet environmental goals. An essential component of NetDMR is the exchange of data with ICIS-NPDES allowing permittees to complete a DMR that is specific to their permit limits and outfalls (now called permitted features).

Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) are used to report to EPA information required by your NPDES permit.  The DMR Form number is 3320-1 (Rev. 3/99).

Many facilities have preprinted forms prepared by EPA and mailed to the permittees.   However, some permittees (usually those held by general permit permittees or minor permittees) have to prepare their own DMRs.  EPA Region 6 has developed a DMR Guidance Document (Acrobat - 0.30 MB) that can assist you in preparing your DMRs.  Additionally, EPA has prepared a Storm Water DMR guidance for those with coverage under the Multi-Sector General Permit

Some facilities wish to create their own DMR forms that are usually generated by an in-house computer.  The DMR forms must exactly replicate DMR Form 3320-1. You may not use your own form without prior written approval from your NPDES permitting authority.  In Region 6, you will need to submit samples for review and potential approval to the Compliance Assurance and Enforcement Division, Water Enforcement Branch, NPDES Compliance Section, Section Chief, Ms. Paulette Johnsey.  Any questions related to computerization of the forms will need to be submitted to EPA Region 6, Ms. Helen Nguyen, 1445 Ross Avenue, Dallas, Texas   75202-2733. 

EPA has prepared a DMR form in Adobe Acrobat Format (0.02 MB) for permittees to download and print to a printer.  Facilities using this digital form of the DMR must first obtain approval from the NPDES authority in their state.  The parameters and data on the form must be mono-spaced (e.g. Courier) and have a size of 10 pitch (12 points).  Permittees holding a storm water general permit in New Mexico, Texas, or Oklahoma do not need approval if they use the correct type as specified above. THE FORM MAY NOT BE ALTERED IN ANY MANNER. Additionally, you need to read the DMR Instructions(Text Format - 0.01 MB) before completing the DMR form.


EPA has also made available the DMR Form (PDF) with fill-in-the-blanks (52 KB).

For NPDES Offshore General Permittees, there is a special DMR instruction form.

For NPDES Storm Water Multi-Sector General Permittees, we have some example DMRs with parameters completed (e.g. chemical names, storet numbers, and cutoff concentrations). You may want to consult the Storm Water Sampling Guidance in the EPA Forms web page.  Make changes accordingly and use only parameters necessary for your facility by filling in the lab data, completing the name/address information, and inserting the name of the principal executive officer.  Please delete any parameters from the form that you will not be reporting.  While you may have several parameters from different outfalls, you may only report parameters for one outfall on each DMR. The following DMR forms have the appropriate STORET numbers already completed. 

  • DMR #1: BOD, COD, TSS, Oil & Grease, Flow, pH, Iron
  • DMR #2: Nitrate + Nitrite Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Acrylonitrile, Al, Ammonia, Cu, Lead
  • DMR #3: Antimony, Arsenic, Benzene, Beryllium, Butylbenzyl Phthalate, Cadmium, Chloride
  • DMR #4: Dimethyl Phthalate, Ethylbenzene, Fluoranthene, Fluoride, Manganese, Mercury, Nickel
  • DMR #5: PCB-1016, 1221, 1232, 1242, 1248, 1254, 1260
  • DMR #6: Phenols, Pyrene, Selenium, Silver, Toluene, Trichloroethylene, Zinc
  • DMR #7: Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (as N)

If you are required to report the date, duration (in hours) and rainfall measurement (in inches) of a storm event, put these in the comments section at the bottom of the DMR.

NPDES Storm Water Multi-Sector General Permittees that obtain permit coverage in the middle of a monitoring period or terminate permit coverage before a monitoring period ends are not required to perform monitoring analysis for the partial monitoring period.  Additionally, the address to submit monitoring results has changed [Part 7.1. of the permit].  Please submit DMRs to:  MSGP DMR (4203), US EPA, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20460.

The current DMR certification statement can be found at 40 CFR 122.22(d).

Delegation of signatory authority: In accordance with 40 CFR 122.22(b), an authorized signatory official for a permittee may designate authorized representatives to be able to sign NPDES reporting documents such as DMRs. This designation must be in writing and on file with the NPDES permitting authority. We have prepared a sample letter to designate authorized representatives.

Click here to view EPA's Electronic Reporting Initiative!

At the request of some permittees, we are posting the Frequency of Analysis Codes (effective as of October 2003). The left side of the equal signs is the Frequency Code and the right side is a brief description.

More Information

For more information, go to our website www.epa.gov/netdmr or you can contact our NetDMR Team in Region 6 by email at r6netdmr@epa.gov.

NetDMR contact:

    Helen Nguyen
  • Nguyen.Helen@epa.gov
  • (214) 665-6458

To register for the NetDMR training, send an e-mail to NetDMR@epa.gov. To obtain future training information, please visit www.epa.gov/netdmr. For further questions about NetDMR and its approval process, please contact Ms. Helen Nguyen at (214) 665-6458 or by e-mail at nguyen.helen@epa.gov.

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