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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations

Laboratory Support Team

The Laboratory Support Team (LST) is  Photo of chemist documenting sample receipt in sample login.responsible for scheduling, receiving and tracking all samples through the Environmental Services Branch (ESB) Laboratory.  The Region 6 Sample Control Center (R6SCC) has oversight of this function and in addition, the R6SCC serves as the focal point for the laboratory’s customer service activities. The R6SCC also provides laboratory analysis report automation support and works closely with the laboratory information management (LIMS) system coordinator.

The Laboratory Support Team is part of the Laboratory Support and External Laboratory Oversite Section, under the direction of the Associate Branch Chief.

Bioassay Laboratory Biologist conducting toxicity tests
The Bioassay Laboratory is responsible for providing analysis of microbiological and aquatic biological organisms in environmental media where toxicity tests are conducted for several water programs to identify toxic concentrations of materials..

Air Toxics Laboratory

Chemist peforming air analysis using GC/MSThe Air Toxics Laboratory analyzes air samples which are taken as a part of a specific program study or for air monitoring purposes such as with the Region 6 Mobile Laboratory or split samples with other air monitoring efforts



Special Analysis Methods Laboratory
Chemist performing analysis in Special Analysis Laboratory. The Special Analysis Laboratory is the laboratory vehicle for developing methods for analysis of perchlorates and other analytes such as haloacetic acids in water and soils by ion chromatography with combined detector(s) such as mass spectrometry. The analysis of passive air monitoring devices that contain entrapped air contaminants such as ammonia, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and ozone is also performed in this laboratory. Energetics analysis in support of homeland security needs is being studied.
Region 6 Mobile Laboratory

Mobile Laboratory deployed in field.The overall coordination for the Region 6 Mobile Laboratory is the responsibility of the LST.  The mobile laboratory is available to conduct on-site sampling and analysis for air, water, sediment and soil  samples for organic and inorganic analytes as well as for biological samples.  The mobile laboratory was a part of the on-site support for biological analysis of water samples during the  Katrina Hurricane recovery operations.

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