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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations

ESB Mobile Laboratory

Photo of US EPA Region6 ESB Mobile Laboratory

In 2003, Management Division’s Environmental Services Branch purchased a mobile laboratory to enhance the region’s analytical options in the field.


A 5th wheel designed laboratory trailer, 30 ft. in length and 8.25 ft. wide, the mobile lab Photo of Region 6 ESB Mobile Laboratory.has the following features: satellite communication,on-board power generator,air conditioning system, refrigerator,and extensive cabinetry.

It is designed to accommodate modern analytical instrumentation. Based at the Regional Laboratory in Houston, TX, the mobile lab has been delployed in the field for Disaster Support,Enforcement, NPDES,RCRA, and Drinking Water analyses, and is available upon request for support of all programs.

The Mobile Laboratory is very versitle and offers capabilities such as:

ESB Mobile Laboratory Field Deployment Advantages
♦ On-Site Support ♦ Rapid Screening Capability ♦ Resource Efficient ♦ Faster Results ♦ Cost Efficient
Travel within Region 6 Multiple instrumentation

Outfitted for specific needs.


Screening methods are streamlined for quicker turnaround. Eliminates unnecessary samples for full fixed lab analysis.


Current Uses
♦ Volatiles (VOAs) ♦ Portable GC and GC/MS ♦ Microbiology ♦ Sample Staging Area ♦ Satellite Communication w/ WiFi
  - Direct air or headspace Total + Fecal Coliform (full Coliert testing)    

Control measures are in place to insure data quality. The Region 6 Lab in Houston serves as the base of operations and is able to provide confirmation analysis.  Chemists currently at the lab are qualified to staff the unit.
Uses of the unit includes:Picture of EPA's Emergency Response logo

  • Superfund site characterization and/or remediation
  • Real – time analysis at remote public water supply sites
  • Regional enforcement activities
  • Homeland Security activities

IPhoto of mobile laboratory during extended deployment.nstalled generators supply the necessary electricity.  Heating and air-conditioning allow for year round use.  Except for certain consumables, the unit is self-sufficient.  Mobile Laboratory deployed




In addition to analytical equipment, the unit has:

  • Mounting bracket for snorkel to allow air sampling/analysis while mobile
  • Mounting bracket for weather station to measure wind speed, direction, ambient temperature, and humidity
  • Mounting bracket for a satellite dish for data transfer to the Regional Lab/Office

The unit was deployed during Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita responses.
Pictures of staffed mobile laboratory deployed during Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Katrina responses.


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