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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations

RCRA Cleanup Baseline


2020 RCRA Clean-Up Baseline (Table of Environmental Indicators)

Final 2020 GPRA Corrective Action Strategy

Current Status

Many RCRA facilities are in the process of conducting corrective action. Some facilities have made substantial progress in their cleanup efforts, and may have met the environmental indicator measures (CA725/CA750). Determinations were made based on information provided on the CA725/CA750 forms in PDF format. (To get a free copy of the PDF Reader click here. Exit EPAAfter downloading the PDF reader to your computer, click on any pdf file, and tell the browser the path to the acroread.exe file that was downloaded from Adobe's Web Page). Other facilities that have not yet met the environmenal indicators may have made substantial progress through stabilization. For further information on the current status of RCRA facilities in Region 6, see attached table.

For Further Information, Contact:

EPA: Cathy Gilmore - Enforcement - 214.665.6766 or Email at: gilmore.cathy@epa.gov
EPA: Cathy Carter - RCRA Permitting - 214.665.6792 or Email at: carter.cathy@epa.gov

State Contacts: Exit EPA
Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality: Daniel Clanton - 501.682.0834
Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality: Narendra Dave - 225.765.0361
Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality: Don Barrett - 405.702.5142
New Mexico Environment Department: James Bearzi - 505.827.1567
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission: Ata Rahman - 512.239.2276

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