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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations

Texas Site Status Summaries

Multi-sided crystal with outdoor pictures

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download, to view these files. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.


Air Force Plant #4(General Dynamics) (PDF, 4 pp, 109K)
Alcoa/Lavaca Bay (PDF, 4 pp, 266K)
Bailey Waste Disposal (PDF, 5 pp, 569K)
Bandera Road Groundwater Plume (PDF, 6 pp, 1660K)
Bio-Ecology Systems, Inc. (PDF, 3 pp, 68K)
Brine Service Company (PDF, 5 pp, 81K)
Brio Refining, Inc. (PDF, 3 pp, 575K)
Circle Court Ground Water Plume (PDF, 5 pp, 317 K)
City of Perryton Water Well #2 (PDF, 3 pp, 121K)
Conroe Creosote (PDF, 3 pp, 216K)
Crystal Chemical Co. (PDF, 6 pp, 362K)
Crystal City Airport (PDF, 4 pp, 90K)
Dixie Oil Processors, Inc. (PDF, 2 pp, 77K)
Donna Reservoir and Canal (PDF, 4 pp, 119K)
East 67th Street Ground Water Plume (PDF, 5 pp, 402K)
Falcon Refinery (PDF, 5 pp, 265K)
French, Ltd. (PDF, 5 pp, 605K)
Garland Creosoting (PDF, 4 pp, 75K)
Geneva Industries/Fuhrmann Energy (PDF, 4 pp, 140K)
Gulfco Marine Maintenance (PDF, 4 pp, 80K)
Hart Creosoting Company (PDF, 6 pp, 175K)
Highlands Acid Pit (PDF, 5 pp, 444K)
Jasper Creosoting Company (PDF, 6 pp, 411K)
Jones Road Ground Water Plume (PDF, 3 pp, 268K)
Koppers Co., Inc. (Texarkana Plant) (PDF, 7 pp, 82K)
Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant (PDF, 5 pp, 125K)
Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant (PDF, 6 pp, 900K)
Malone Services Company (PDF, 6 pp, 109K)
Many Diversified Interests, Inc. (PDF, 10 pp, 241K)
Midessa Ground Water Plume (PDF, 6 pp, 517K)
MOTCO, Inc. (PDF, 4 pp, 150K)
North Cavalcade Street (PDF, 6 pp, 380K)
North East 2nd Street Site (PDF, 4 pp, 199K)
Odessa Chromium #1 (PDF, 4 pp, 65K)
Odessa Chromium #2 (PDF, 4 pp, 57K)
Old ESCO (PDF, 4 pp, 1560K)
Palmer Barge Line (PDF, 3 pp, 89K)
Pantex Plant (USDOE) (PDF, 5 pp, 640K)
Patrick Bayou (PDF, 3 pp, 83K)
Pesses Chemical Co. (PDF, 4 pp, 75K)
Petro-Chemical Systems, Inc. (Turtle Bayou) (PDF, 9 pp 165K)
R&H Oil/Tropicana Energy Site (PDF, 5pp, 660K)
RSR Corp. (Murph Metals) (PDF, 3 pp, 99K)
Rockwool Industries, Inc. (PDF, 6 pp, 236K)
Sandy Beach Road (PDF, 5 pp, 421K)
San Jacinto River Waste Pits (PDF, 5 pp, 255K)
Sheridan Disposal Services (PDF, 3 pp, 444K)
Sikes Disposal Pits (PDF, 4 pp, 190K)
Sol Lynn/Industrial Transformers (PDF, 4 pp, 260K)
South Cavalcade Street (PDF, 5 pp, 482K)
Sprague Road (PDF, 7 pp, 764K)
Star Lake Canal (PDF, 5 pp, 263K)
State Marine of Port Arthur (PDF, 3 pp, 84K)
State Road 114 Ground Water Plume (PDF, 7 pp, 961K)
Stewco, Inc. (PDF, 3 pp, 82K)
Tex-Tin Corporation (PDF, 3 pp, 81K)
Texarkana Wood Preserving Co. (PDF, 5 pp, 90K)
Triangle Chemical Co. (PDF, 3 pp, 147K)
United Creosoting Co. (PDF, 3 pp, 227K)
US Oil Recovery (PDF, 3 pp, 255K)
Van Der Horst (PDF, 4 pp, 98K)
West County Road112 (PDF, 3 pp, 300K)

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