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Mossville Louisiana Final Site Inspection Report

Contraband Bayou
Contraband Bayou



Response to Comments EPA Mossville Draft Site Inspection Report- May 2011 (PDF, 2 pp, 0.05M)

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FIGURES (PDF file sizes 164 - 550 KB)

Figure 1 Site Location Topographic Map

Figure 2 Aerial Location Map

Figure 3 LDEQ Permitted Facilities in Vicinity of Area of Interest

Figure 4 Contaminated Groundwater Plume – 50 Foot Sand

Figure 5 Sample Location Map

Figure 6 Public Supply Wells Within Four Mile Radius of Area of Interest

Figure 7 15-Mile Downstream Target Distance Limit Map

Figure 8 Air Migration Pathway 4-Mile Radius Map

TABLES (PDF file sizes 13 - 192 KB)

Table 1 Number of Samples Collected (see report)

Table 2 Sample Locations and Analyses

Table 3 Water Quality Measurements

Table 4 Analysis by Laboratory and Matrix

Table 5 Analytical and Field Data Collection Parameters

Table 6 Trip Blanks, PE Samples

Table 7 EPA PRG, SSL and MCL

Table 8 Registered Wells Within Area of Interest

Table 9 Public Supply Wells Within 4 Miles of Area of Interest

Table 10 Active Domestic Supply Wells Within 4 Miles of Area of Interest

Table 11 Groundwater Receptor by Distance

Table 12 Analytical Results for Groundwater Samples

Table 13 Analytical Results for Distribution System Samples

Table 14 Analytical Results for Soil Gas Samples

Table 15 Analytical Results for Surface Water Samples

Table 16 Pond Sediment Results Above SSLs (see report)

Table 17 Analytical Results for Sediment Samples

Table 18 Analytical Results for Fish Sample

Table 19 Analytical Results Exceeding Benchmarks for Soil Samples

Table 20 Analytical Results for Soil Samples - Part 1

Table 20 Analytical Results for Soil Samples - Part 2


Appendix A Photo-documentation (LARGE FILE, PDF, 365 pp, 60MB)

Appendix B Chain of Custody Forms (PDF, 88 pp, 2MB)

Appendix C Data Validation Memoranda (LARGE FILE, PDF, 585 pp, 11MB)

Appendix D Global Positioning System Coordinates (PDF, 3 pp, 0.03MB)

Appendix E Access Agreements

Appendix F Drinking Water Receptor Calculations (PDF, 5 pp, 0.3MB)

Appendix G Chronology of Events, Mossville, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana (PDF, 7 pp, 0.04MB)

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