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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations

Tar Creek - Ottawa County, Oklahoma

Community Involvement Plan Update - October 2014 (PDF, 47pp, 3.8MB)

Site Status Summary (PDF, 4 pp, 86KB)
Information Bulletins / Fact Sheets / Notices
Five Year Reviews
Decision Documents
Chat Sales Resource Tools
    State Specifications
Access and Agreement Tools for OU4
    Non-Restricted Land
    Tools for Indian Chat Sales
Presentations from Chat Marketing Seminar

Information Bulletins / Fact Sheets / Notices

Quapaw Tribe Announces First Tribally-Managed Superfund Site Cleanup in the Nation (PDF, 1 pp, 96KB)
More information on Blood Lead Levels
Spending Reduced, Work Continues (PDF, 1 pp, 45KB)
Tar Creek Haul Route Flyer (PDF, 2 pp, 315KB)
Public Notice for Distal 6 Haul Routes (February 2012)(PDF, 1 pp, 181KB)
Operable Unit 4 Remedial Action Update-Green Remediation (January 2012)(PDF, 4 pp, 76KB)
Do Not Enter Job Site Notice (September 2011)(PDF, 1 pp, 59KB)
Do Not Trespass Notice (March 2012)(PDF, 1 pp, 42KB)
Chat Marketing Seminar Invitation (June 2010)
(PDF, 1 pp, 48KB)
Job Training Initiative (April 2010)(PDF, 1 pp, 1.3M)
Remedial Action Fact Sheet Update for OU4 (July 2011)(PDF, 4 pp, 164KB)
Remedial Action Fact Sheet for OU4 (April 2010)(PDF, 4 pp, 62KB)
Explanation of Significant Differences for the Record of Decision (February 2010) (PDF, 29 pp, 7.9M)
Remedial Action Fact Sheet for OU4 (January 2010)(PDF, 4 pp, 187KB)
Implementation of Remedial Design for OU4 is Underway (April 2009)(PDF, 2 pp, 27KB)
Chat Sales Postcard (August 2008)(PDF, 1 pp, 284KB)
Chat Sales Information Bulletin (June 2008)(PDF, 2 pp, 113KB)
Tri-State Mining District Chat Mining Waste Fact Sheet (June 2007) (PDF, 5 pp, 64KB)

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Five Year Reviews

September 2005 (PDF, 209 pp, 5.3MB)
April 2000 (PDF, 50 pp, 175KB)

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Decision Documents

Explanation of Significant Differences (April 2010) (PDF, 29 pp, 7.9M)
Operable Unit 4 (February 2008) (PDF, 161 pp, 4.7 MB)
Transcript - Public Meeting (August 28,2007) (PDF, 52 pp, 997KB)
Memorandum of Understanding (May 2003) (PDF, 9 pp, 784KB)
Operable Unit 2 Residential Areas (August 1997) (PDF, 69 pp, 366 KB)

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Tar Creek, Remedial action OU1, Ground & surface water(PDF, 1 pp, 799KB)
Tar Creek, Remedial action OU2, Residential surface soils(PDF, 2 pp, 963KB)
Tar Creek, Chat piles, OU4(PDF, 1 pp, 845KB)

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Chat Sales Resource Tools

Chat Rule (PDF, 23 pp, 161KB)
Chat Processing Site Operating Plan (PDF, 6 pp, 355KB)
Chat Sales Checklist (PDF, 2 pp, 53KB)
Sampling Results of Chat Piles and Bases in the Distal Areas
Questions About Mine Tailings (PDF, 2 pp, 29KB)
Feedback (PDF, 1 pp, 40KB)
Example of Certification Letter (PDF, 2 pp, 31KB)
Liability Agreement (October 15, 2008) (PDF, 20 pp, 400KB)
Offsite Rule (PDF, 2 pp, 158KB)
CERCLA Receiver Needs (PDF, 2 pp, 11KB)

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State Specifications

KSDOT Specs - Asphalt Aggregates - 1103 (PDF, 3 pp, 211KB)
KSDOT Specs - Microsurfacing or seals and modified seals - 1109 (PDF, 1 pp, 144KB)
KSDOT Specs - Multi-layer Polymer Overlay - 07-11004r02 (PDF, 9 pp, 285KB)
MODOT Requirements for Material - Sec 1001 (PDF, 3 pp, 27KB)

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Access and Agreement Tools for OU4

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Non-Restricted Land:

Consent for Entry and Access to Property(PDF, 2 pp, 72KB)
Property Rights Waiver(PDF, 4 pp, 96KB)

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Tools for Indian Chat Sales

Appendices A-G, reflect model documents that will be used by EPA and DOI to help facilitate the sale of chat in which individual Indians have a property interest and the disposition of chat that is located on restricted or trust Indian land where such sale is in the best interest of the Indian landowners and chat owners and is in accordance with the February 20, 2008, Record of Decision for the Tar Creek Superfund Sit Operable Unit 4 ("ROD").

Appendix A - Chat Excavation and Relocation Agreement (PDF, 18 pp, 94KB)
Enables EPA to remove distal chat from property for consolidation or disposal.
Appendix B - Access Agreement (PDF, 4 pp, 40KB)
Permits EPA access to restricted Indian land for purposes listed therein and include sampling.
Appendix C - Liability Protection under CERCLA or "Settlement Agreement" (PDF, 20 pp, 104KB)
Provides Indian Chat and Land Owners in distal areas protection.
Appendix D - Liability Protection under CERCLA or "Settlement Agreement" (PDF, 20 pp, 104KB)
Provides Indian Chat and Land Owners of 16 major piles protection.
Appendix E - Chat Sales Agreement (PDF, 22 pp, 145KB)
DOI's Agreement that will be used for Purchasers of an Indian Chat Pile.
Appendix F - Business Site Lease (PDF, 7 pp, 84KB)
Standard DOI/BIA form that allow those who own chat located on restricted land to sell the chat.
Appendix G - Model Site Operations Plan (PDF, 6 pp, 72KB)
Sample of Operations Plan for Chat Processors.

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Presentations from the Chat Marketing Seminars

Bureau of Indian Affairs Chat Sales Roles and Responsibilities (PDF, 10 pp, 164KB)
Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma Chat Sales Roles and Responsibilities (PDF, 5 pp, 38KB)
Chat Marketing Seminar (June 29, 2010) (PDF, 14 pp, 518KB)
OKDOT Perspective on Mine Chat (PDF, 22 pp, 1012KB)
KSDOT Specified Uses for Chat (PDF, 10 pp, 355KB)
MODOT Chat Use in Missouri (PDF, 5 pp, 341KB)

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