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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations

Superfund Redevelopment in Region 6

Superfund Redevelopment in the News: Photographs
Photograph of HWY 71-72

Recently constructed Hilton Garden Inn, part of the new Hilton Complex located on the Highway 71/72 site.

Site Map of Big Tex

Schematic of proposed redevelopment at the Big Tex site in San Antonio, TX.

Superfund Redevelopment in Region 6 helps local communities return contaminated Superfund sites to safe and productive uses. EPA is working with these communities and other stakeholders - prospective purchasers, local governments - to consider reuse opportunities and to integrate appropriate reuse options into the cleanup process. To date, Superfund sites have already been developed into parks, commercial buildings, warehouses, and residential areas. More Superfund Redevelopment Information. . .

Getting Started with Superfund Redevelopment
Superfund Redevelopment in the News
Innovative Reuse at Superfund Sites: Renewable Energy Projects

EPA's RE-Powering America initiative identifies the renewable energy potential of Superfund sites and provides useful resources for communities, developers, industry, state and local governments or anyone interested in reusing these sites for renewable energy development.

Highway 71/72 Superfund Site Redevelopment

The Highway 71/72 Refinery Superfund site in Bossier City, Louisiana, site is home to a brand new Hilton Hotel complex. Read how EPA, the Site's responsible party, and site redevelopers worked to address remaining on-site contamination during construction of the new national brand hotel.

Big Tex Ready for Reuse Determination

In August 2012, EPA, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and the City of San Antonio signed a Ready for Reuse Determination for the Big Tex Grain removal site in San Antonio, Texas. Located along the San Antonio River, just south of downtown, the proposed redevelopment for this site includes mixed use and an extension of the Blue Star Arts District.

Chevron Questa Mine site (formerly Molycorp, Inc.), Questa, New Mexico - Renewable Energy

EPA Region 6's partnership with the state, the Village of Questa and the responsible party (Chevron Mining Inc.) for the Chevron Questa Mine site (formerly Molycorp, Inc.) Superfund site (Site) in Questa, New Mexico has ensured that Questa will no longer be seen as "just another mining town," but rather a renewable energy leader and home to one of the largest concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar facilities in the United States. On April 19, 2011, EPA attended a ceremony by Chevron Mining Inc. to launch its CPV solar facility, which was built on top of the Site's tailing facility. The 1-megawatt solar facility is currently providing electricity to nearly all of the households in Questa. The project was started to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of the CPV technology as an emerging technology and the potential for utilization of renewable energy on contaminated land. In addition to the solar facility, Chevron Mining Inc. is conducting a cover depth pilot study at the solar facility to evaluate the protectiveness of various cover depths (thicknesses). A soil cover will be placed on top of the entire 1,100-acre tailing impoundment following permanent cessation of tailing disposal operations as part of EPA's remedy selected in a December 2010 Record of Decision. Watch Chevron's video Exit EPA Disclaimer about this solar PVC facility.

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