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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations

Regional Administrator's 300-Day Plan

Download the Regional Administrator's 300-Day Plan in PDF (3 pp., 63KB).

Increase environmental progress by practicing the 'art of the possible'

Principles of "a better way"

  • Reward results, not programs
  • Collaboration, not polarization
  • Lead with science and technology
  • Solutions transcend political boundaries
  • Assure compliance, enforce the law

Clean The Air

Ensure clean air for communities 1 2
  • Complete 8-hr ozone attainment strategies for DFW, Houston and Baton Rouge, including mobile source strategies
  • Establish first national framework for EDZ Crittenden County and achieve the attainment schedule
  • Complete Region 6 Early Action Compact Progress Assessments for San Antonio, Austin, Tyler-Longview, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Shreveport, and Farmington, NM to achieve early attainment 1

Restore And Protect The Water

Ensure safe drinking water

  • 90% of population served by community water systems receives drinking water that meets all health based standards

Provide leadership to restore and protect watersheds and coastal waters 1

  • Complete 3 state priority watershed plans
  • Jointly inspect with TCEQ 10% of CAFOs in the Bosque watershed
  • Jointly inspect with NMED 20% of CAFOs in the lower Pecos watershed
  • Complete 115 TMDLs in LA, AR, NM
  • Achieve 90% issuance rate for major NDPES permits
  • Issue general Stormwater Phase II permit for all municipalities

Recycle And Renew Polluted Land

Make land available for Reuse 1

  • Complete remedies at 4 nationally significant Superfund sites and make property available for reuse
  • Resolve waste management issues at 9 additional RCRA facilities to be made safe for human exposure & 8 safe for groundwater

Target assessment and clean up activities in urban areas

  • Target 35 Brownfields assessment grants to urban areas 1
  • Select remedies for 4 NPL sites to make land available

Tar Creek Superfund Site Lead Clean-Up 1

  • Implement a fines re-injection pilot at a chat washing operation
  • Coordinate OU4 plan revision with State of Oklahoma

Make Compliance Our Enforcement Objective

Prioritize decisions to maximize environmental benefits 1

  • Target 35% of air full compliance evaluations in non-attainmentareas or areas impacting the non-attainment areas
  • Conduct 5 inspection workshops for EPA regional offices and states targeting water, air and hazardous waste inspections
  • Issue 5 CAA 114 letters on NSR compliance
  • Focus 70% of NPDES enforcement actions to support national priorities
  • Investigate and settle a total of 85% of Regional refinery capacity related to the national Refinery Initiative
  • Conduct 58 financial assurance joint audits with LDEQ for TSD facilities
  • Conduct 4 MS4 Audits
  • Conduct inspections at 4 mineral processing facilities
  • Issue 12 orders and compel $23 million in clean-up

Promote Innovative Approaches to Environmental Problem-solving

Promote water conservation and efficiency 1

  • Launch Resource Conservation Challenge program and reduce contaminants by 17,500 lbs

Blue Skyways Collaboration 1

  • Reduce diesel emissions in central US

Seek positive opportunities for collaboration with regulated parties

  • Conduct 10 P-Track site visits
  • Eliminate backlog in the review of companies’ self-disclosure reports

Help Protect The Security of America

Disaster Response and Preparedness 1 2

  • Provide executive level training on Incident Command System
  • Conduct 8-10 tabletop and field exercises
  • Ensure continuity of operations by providing a state-of-the-art facility

Pandemic Flu Preparedness

  • Complete response plan to address pandemic flu response actions


Looking ahead 300 days

“The American people have placed their trust in us to protect the land, air and water of our Nation. We have proven our resolve to accelerate environmental progress and our commitment to partnerships. Over the next 300 days, we will face our new challenges with great confidence and success.”

-- Richard E. Greene

Assist Recovery Efforts in Louisiana

Address priorities of hurricane response 2

  • Complete activities in 100% of Parishes
  • Collect 100% of the household hazardous waste and white goods
  • Award $150,000 in EJ grants to assist hurricane community efforts
  • Award $23.6 million in grant funds to support Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Programs
  • Help address tribal specific needs in hurriance impacted areas

Assist LDEQ with delegated program management

  • Provide targeted CWA contract assistance
  • Partner with LDEQ to investigate 7 refineries to support Refinery Initiative

Develop Collaborative Networks

Address state-specific priorities and objectives

  • Approve SIPs for nonattainment areas
  • Promote Watershed Projects and improve water monitoring 1
  • Assist States with impacts of storm water and non-point source pollution on aging municipal infrastructure
  • Promote new technologies (e.g., remote sensing project in Memphis, Houston, Baton Rouge) 1

Address tribal priorities and objectives 2

  • Enhance tribal capacity through funding and technical assistance
  • Ensure 85% of the population served by Tribal community water systems receives water that meets health based standards
  • Conduct federal/Tribal consultation on TAS legislation
  • Increase UST compliance to 50%

Promote collaborations in the Gulf of Mexico region

  • Work with 4 States to develop nutrient criteria that will reduce nutrient loading 2

Empower citizens with good science, sound data and ready access to decision makers

  • Partner with 3 communities to develop risk reduction action plans

Energy Production and Efficiency

Promote innovative energy projects to meet the nation’s energy needs

  • Complete Waste-to-EnergyGeographic Information System Tool for potential users
  • Complete 26 Waste-to-Energy Landfill Gas Recovery projects
  • Provide technical assistance on 10 Power Plant Permits

Oil and gas initiative 2

  • Conduct 14 full compliance evaluations with onsite compliance assistance in collaboration with our state partners
  • Implement Action Plan with states using enforcement and voluntary emissions reductions

Expedite review and permitting to meet the nation’s energy needs 1

  • Complete 2 offshore LNG permit reviews 2

Improve The Environment Along The US/Mexico Border

Provide border residents with safe drinking water and adequate sanitation 1

  • Provide drinking water to 2,500 more homes
  • Provide sanitation to an additional 15,000 homes
  • Increase BEIF disbursement rate by 7%

Provide for waste management along border communities

  • Reduce waste tires by 30,000 tires

Manage Resources Wisely

Integrate the Agency’s strategic management of human capital program with our regional PeoplePlan 1

  • Each division will update its PeoplePlan by year’s end
  • Provide 45 training courses to Region 6 staff
  • Executive Coaching sessions will be provided to at least 20 managers

Ensure integrity of our grants management focused on environmental results per President's Management Aganda 1

  • Close out 97% of grants ending in FY04 and earlier
  • Award 80% of the Region’s grants within 60 days of receiving a complete package


  • 1 Adm Priority
  • 2 Regional Priority
  • 3 Quarterly Mgmt Report

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