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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations

Our Partnership Programs

The Agency believes a well-coordinated and aggressive set of partnership programs is essential in order to show continued progress in reducing GHG emissions.  In addition to the existing CO2  and non CO2-based clean energy partnership programs that HQ has led to obtain so-called GHG co-benefits (e.g., Energy Star, AgStar, LMOP, Water Sense, NPEP, Resource Conservation Challenge, and many others), Regional Offices have invested in numerous place-based partnerships that expand and complement these HQ-led, sector-based programs.

Examples of these programs include working with State and regional experts in energy efficiency, air quality, environmental policy, and electricity markets to meet electric load growth through energy efficiency; working with States to enhance efficiency from oil and natural gas use in homes; expanding Regional partnerships with States, locals, tribes and the private sector to encourage, publicly recognize and quantify faster adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy in specific geographic areas; closely partnering with localities to innovatively identify public and private sector funding to finance cost-effective improvements in energy efficiency and increases in renewables; working closely with regional investor-owned, municipal, and rural electric cooperative utilities to share information on the most promising and cost-effective customer incentives to reduce energy demand; and working with States to model the efficacy of increased customer energy efficiency incentives in reducing criteria and GHG emissions.

The Sustainable Skylines initiativeExit EPA Disclaimer is a three-year partnership facilitated by the City of Dallas, the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency, and the North Central Texas Council of Governments to promote
sustainability within the City via voluntary programs which emphasize air quality improvements.  Seven distinct projects are underway with over 20 private, NGO and public partners, including urban heat island/stormwater mitigation; green taxis; affordable, green homes; greenhouse gas reduction/energy efficiency-renewable energy in City operations; energy efficiency outreach; energy audits; and off-road engines.

The Blue Skyways CollaborativeExit EPA Disclaimer is a public-private partnership centered on 10 States in the central U.S.  Its goal is to produce significant and timely air emissions reductions from diesel engines, alternative fuels, energy efficiency and renewable energy, air-water-rail transportation, and agriculture and construction sources.  Since its start in February 2006 Blue Skyways has recruited over 180 partners, who have reduced over 1.4 million tons/year of CO2 and 54,000 tons/year of criteria air pollutants.

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