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Recovery Funding for Clean Diesel Projects
Putting people to work to clean up our air


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Clean Diesel Program. Reducing emissions from diesel engines is one of the most important air quality challenges facing our states. Even with new federal standards, millions of diesel engines already in use will continue to emit large amounts of nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and air toxics, which contribute to serious public health problems. Learn more about EPA's clean diesel programs.

Recovery Act of 2009. The Recovery Act provides money to clean up outdated dirty diesel engines from our communities. This funding will help make more "clean diesel” equipment available for use in our communities – whether for construction projects, school buses or moving goods through our communities.

The Recovery Act will send about $10 million to our states to reduce emissions from diesel engines and significantly reduce diesel air pollution for our five states. Programs that help get older, more polluting heavy-duty engines and vehicles off the road have been essential in our urban cities achieving clean air goals. Funding under the Recovery Act for clean diesel projects is an increase of 100 percent over previous annual allocations.

The Recovery Act provides funding for Clean Diesel projects under two categories: the National Clean Diesel Campaign and the State Clean Diesel Grant Program. Explore these links to learn how to find out about clean diesel funding that is available, and how and when to apply for Clean Diesel grants under the Recovery Act:

The Blue Skyways Collaborative Exit EPA Disclaimer is our region's primary clean diesel program and develops public-private partnerships to reduce air pollution in North America's central corridor. With its 154 partners, the collaborative has been extremely successful in saving 36 million gallons of fuel per year, 1.30 million tons per year in greenhouse gases and reducing toxic air pollutants by 44,308 tons per year. Last year, the Collaborative awarded about $4 million, gained 25 members, and increased diesel engine retrofits from 11,742 to 12,742.

Recovery Act Clean Diesel Projects Where You Live

EPA will provide specific information about Clean Diesel Projects in the our states. Keep checking back here to find out how the Recovery Plan is helping your community to breathe cleaner air.

Once recovery projects get underway, check our recovery map for details about individual sites. Locations will be flagged using the emblems to the right of the map, according to the type of project occurring at each site. You will be able to click on each site for more information on that particular project.


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