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EPA proposing to redesignate Baton Rouge area to attainment for ozone

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to approve the state of Louisiana’s request to reclassify the Baton Rouge area to attainment of the 1997 8-hour ozone standard. By decreasing ground-level ozone, Baton Rouge and the state of Louisiana, are improving air quality and human health for more than 800,000 residents. 

“Today we are acknowledging an important accomplishment for Baton Rouge,” said EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz. “We look forward to working with state and city officials, business and local organizations as we continue efforts to improve air quality and protect public health.”  

Preliminary air quality data for 2011 continues to show that the area meets the 1997 8-hour standard as well as the more stringent 1-hour standard for ozone. Louisiana has demonstrated that the five Parish area will be able to maintain compliance with the ozone standard for next ten years. Current air pollution controls enable the area to maintain clean air quality. EPA will continue to work with State and local officials to ensure the area remains in compliance.

The proposal is published in the Federal Register and is available as docket number EPA-R06-OAR-2010-0776 at www.regulations.gov.

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