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Grants Chlorinated Solvents Superfund site

The Grants Chlorinated Solvents Superfund site in Grants, New Mexico, is an area of contaminated groundwater containing chlorinated solvents at concentrations greater than EPA drinking water standards. Long-term exposure to chlorinated solvents can cause chronic skin problems, and/or damage to the nervous system, kidneys or liver, among other effects.

Major construction activities were completed and the site achieved construction completion status on September 10, 2012. A multi-pronged approach was used to implement the selected remedy. Thermal treatment was implemented in the source area and clean up was achieved in this area in July 2012. In-situ bio remediation continues in other parts of the plume to clean up ground water. Currently the site is in operations and maintenance phase. Period treatment will continue until clean goals are achieved throughout the plume area.

More information about the Grants Chlorinated Solvents Superfund Site can be found in the Site Status Summary (3 pp, 64 KB, About PDF) and the Fact Sheet (4 pp ,570 KB, About PDF).

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