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Oklahoma’s Scenic Rivers Total Phosphorus Criterion

In 2002, the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) set a standard for the amount of the pollutant phosphorus that can be allowed in rivers the state has designated as “scenic.” There are six scenic rivers in Oklahoma, including the Illinois River.

EPA approved the standard in December 2003, and Oklahoma and Arkansas signed a statement which outlined commitments for both States to work together to reduce phosphorus in the shared watersheds of the scenic rivers. The statement included a commitment for the State of Oklahoma to re-evaluate its phosphorus standard by 2012.

In late fall 2010, OWRB formed a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) comprised of representatives from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Cherokee Nation, and EPA to review the best scientific information available regarding the criterion. On April 10, 2012, TAG representatives from Oklahoma and Arkansas presented majority and minority report findings and recommendations to the OWRB

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