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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations


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Region 6 Agriculture Background and Goals (PDF)(66KB,1pp)

Region 6 Agriculture Sector Strategic Plan (PDF)(180KB,8pp)

Region 6 Agriculture Committee Activities Chart (PDF)(120KB,7pp)

Region 6 Agriculture Committee Highlights (PDF)(8.15MB,14pp)

CAFO cattle agriculture spraying

Region 6 Nonpoint Source Program

Region 6 CAFO Permits Program Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

Region 6 CAFO Enforcement Program

Region 6 Pesticides Program

Region 6 TMDL Program Total Maximum Daily Load Program

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NEW!!! Waters of the US Proposed Rule

Drought Issues in Region 6 - Dealing with the effects of the droughts in many parts of the region

National Drought Portal (NIDIS) - Drought related issues for the nation

Nutrient Pollution - The effects of nutrient pollution on the environment

National Agriculture Center for information about environmental requirements
that affect the agricultural community.

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans for Agriculture

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Region 6 Outreach Strategy Agriculture Committee

Objective:    To provide a forum within EPA Region 6 for the consistent and effective interaction of all EPA programs pertaining to agricultural issues, targeting EPA’s technical, programmatic and financial resources toward resolution of associated environmental problems while serving in an advisory capacity to R6 management and the Agriculture Advisor to the Administrator.

Committee Chair:

Eugene Thilsted, Special Policy Advisor – Agriculture, 6WQ, 214.665.2782

Lead Division Director

William (Bill) Honker, Division Director, 6WQ-D, 214.665.3187

Nonpoint Source/Watersheds

Brad Lamb, 6WQ-EW, 214.555.6683
Mike Bira, 6WQ-EW, 214.665.6668

NPDES Permits

Paul Juarez, 6WQ-PP, 214.665.7247


Henry Brewer, 6WQ-A, 214.665.8146
Sylvia Ritzky, 6WQ-A, 214.665.8189

Source Water Protection / Groundwater

Mike Bechdol, 6WQ-SG, 214.665.7133
Amy Camacho, 6WQ-SG, 214.665.7175

CAFO Enforcement

Abu Senkayi, 6EN-WR, 214.665.8401
Scott Stine , 6EN-WR, 214.665.7182


David Gillespie, 6RC-M, 214.665.7467

External Affairs

Rebecca Mayer, 6XA-CE, 214.665.7301

RCRA Enforcement

Mark Potts, 6EN-H, 214.665.2723


Greg Weiler, 6PD-P, 214.665.7564


Joe Kordzi, 6PD-L, 214.665.7186

Data/GIS Support

Angel Kosfiszer, 6WQ-NI, 214.665.2187

Office of Environmental Justice and Tribal Affairs

Fincher (Jay) Harris, 6RA-DT, 214.665.2260


Valmichael Leos, 6SF-PE, 214.665.2283



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