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water words

What do the dinosaur bones represent?

The dinosaurs are as a reminder that the water on Earth today is the same water that was on Earth a long time ago when the dinosaurs were alive. That means there is a chance that the water you used to wash up this morning may be the same water that a dinosaur once drank. It also means that a hundred years from now, your grandchildren may wash their hair with the same water that you drink today. That's why it's so important that we take care of the Earth's water; it's the only water we've ever had and they only water we will ever have.

Can you find the difference between this picture and the one on the front of the poster?

On the front of the poster the sign in on the lower left says "wastewater treatment plant". On the back of the poster, the sign in on the lower left says "water reclamation plant".

These are actually two different names for the same thing. Most people still call them Wastewater Treatment Plants, but some of the people who build, design, and work at these plants think that the name should be changed. Can you think of some reasons why Water Reclamation Plants or even Clean Water Plants is a better name ? The water that comes into the plant is dirty wastewater but the water that comes out of the plant- after treatment- is much cleaner. To learn more about the wastewater treatment process- go to http://www.wef.org/publicinfo/interactive.jhtml

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