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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations

Watershed Management Section Contacts

Philip CrockerSupervisory Environmental Scientist, (214) 665-6644

Section chief - section encompasses nutrient criteria, water quality standards and nonpoint source programs

Carolyn HillAdministrative Assistant, (214) 665-6612

Time and attendance; health and safety record keeping; secretarial assistance


Water Quality Standards Team

Russell NelsonAquatic Scientist, (214) 665-6646

Regional water quality standards coordinator; New Mexico water quality standards coordinator

Diane EvansEnvironmental Scientist, (214) 665-6677

Texas water quality standards coordinator; Tribal water quality standards coordinator

Melinda McCoyEnvironmental Scientist, (214) 665-8055

Oklahoma water quality standards coordinator

Forrest JohnEnvironmental Scientist, (214) 665-8366

Regional nutrient coordinator


Nonpoint Source Team

Brad LambEnvironmental Scientist, (214) 665-6683

Regional NPS coordinator; Louisiana NPS program manager; Texas NPS program manager

Brian Fontenot, Ph.D.Life Scientist, (214) 665-7286

Arkansas NPS program manager; New Mexico NPS program manager; Healthy Watersheds Initiative Regional coordinator

Mike BiraEnvironmental Scientist, (214) 665-6668

Oklahoma NPS program manager; nutrient coordinator; volunteer monitoring coordinator


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