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GreenScapes Program: National Links

Techniques and resources for homeowners, large-scale landscapers, and commercial and government land managers. Includes fact sheets, tools such as cost calculators, and informational brochures:

Green Infrastructure
A cost effective and environmentally friendly approach to reduce stormwater and other excess flows entering combined or separate sewer systems, using natural systems such as Green Roofs, Urban Forestry (Trees and Tree Boxes), Rain Gardens, and Grassed Swales to cleanse water and to reduce excess volumes by filtering and treating it using plants, soils and microbes.

Green Roofs

Green Landscaping Resources, Green Landscaping with Native Plants
Fact sheets, slideshows, and publications on natural landscaping with native plants.


WaterSense: Efficiency Made Easy

Nonpoint Source Pollution

Make Sure What You Put on Your Lawn Stays on Your Lawn (1pg, 368 KB, PDF)

Regional Links and Information

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