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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations


Final Action

On December 20, 2012, the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry (ODAFF) received authorization from the EPA to administer a partial National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program for discharges under the jurisdiction of the Department as stated in Section 1‐3‐101 of Title 27A of the Oklahoma statutes. The AgPDES program administered by the Department covers all discharges except for those beyond the Department's statutory authority or territorial jurisdiction. Discharges within “Indian Country,” as defined in 18 U.S.C. § 1151 are outside ODAFF jurisdiction.  The Oklahoma discharges subject to regulation under the federal NPDES program and the AgPDES program administered by the Department are discharges associated with concentrated animal feeding operations ("CAFO"), discharges from the application of biological or chemical pesticides that leave a residue, discharges resulting from silviculture activities, and point source discharges of storm water from agricultural activities.

Note: Pursuant to the MOA between EPA and ODAFF, ODAFF is taking over administration of EPA-issued general permits for those discharges under its jurisdiction while EPA retains administration of general permits for those discharges remaining under EPA jurisdiction.  The CAFO general permit OKG010000 (discharges from CAFOs) is being transferred to ODAFF with no discharges authorized by that permit remaining under EPA jurisdiction.  OKR12000F (Construction General Permit - storm water discharges associated with industrial activity), OKR05000F (Multi-Sector General Permit - storm water associated with construction activities), and OKG87#### (Pesticides General Permit - discharges associated with application of pesticides to waters of the United States) are being partially transferred to ODAFF with EPA retaining the permits for discharges remaining under EPA jurisdiction.  For general permits OKR05000F and OKR12000F, EPA will continue to administer the permit for discharges under the jurisdiction of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.  For general permit OKG87####, EPA will continue to administer the permit for discharges to Indian Country.

NEW - Approval letter (PDF)(170KB,1pp)
NEW - Pre-publication version of Federal Register Notice (PDF)(1.34MB,9pp)
NEW - Final Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) (PDF)(1.62MB,35pp)
NEW - Response to Public Comments on Proposed Action (PDF)(375.49KB,15pp)
NEW - Redline Version of Final MOA (PDF)(322.08KB,36pp)
NEW - Revised EMS Table (PDF)(10.66KB,1pp)

Proposed Actions

Table of Contents (PDF)(27.78KB,2pp)

Program Description, Chapter i (PDF)(13.78KB,2pp)

Program Authorization Documents formally submitted by the state of Oklahoma and received at EPA, Region 6 on August 16, 2012 and updated September 7,2012:  

Administrative Procedures Act (PDF)(265.57KB,33pp)

Statement of Legal Authority (PDF)( 1.50MB,44pp)

AgPDES rules (PDF)(98.27KB,9pp)

AgPDES statues (PDF)(149.3KB,16pp)

Enforcement Management System (EMS) Chapter 1 (PDF)(45.43KB,2pp)

EMS Chapter 2 (PDF)(117.15KB,12pp)

EMS Chapter 3 (PDF)(150.40KB,12pp)

EMS Chapter 4 (PDF)(518.38KB,14pp)

EMS Chapter 5 (PDF)(161.89KB,18pp))

Governor Fallin Letter (PDF)(326.34KB,1pp)

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) (PDF)(241.74KB,35pp)

Open Records Act (PDF)(134.45KB,14pp)

Program Description (PD) Chapter 1 (PDF)(52.78KB,2pp)

PD Chapter 2 (PDF)(127.94KB,1pp)

PD Chapter 3 (PDF)(76.88KB,4pp)

PD Chapter 4 (PDF)(52.13KB,4pp)

PD Chapter 5 (PDF)(187.46,27pp)

PD Chapter 6 Appendix A - Designated Uses (PDF)(292.31KB,7pp)

PD Chapter 6 (PDF)(219.84KB,20pp)

PD Chapter 7 Appendix 7 - 2 Tier Flow Chart (PDF)(68.61KB,3pp)

PD Chapter 7 (PDF)(87.13KB,10pp)

PD Chapter 8 (PDF)(38.54KB,1pp)

PD Chapter 9 (PDF)(43.15KB,1pp)

PD Chapter 10 (PPDF)(66.71KB,5pp)

PD Chapter 11 (PDF)(97.20KB,9pp)

Federal Register Notice Announcing Administrative Completeness, Availability of Program Authorization Documents for Public Review and Comment, and Notice of Public Hearing

EPA published notice in the Federal Register on Monday, September 24, 2012, that EPA had determined that the ODAFF program authorization request was complete. The register notice is available at: Federal Register Notice, September 24, 2012 (PDF)(199KB,3pp)


For more information regarding this action, please contact:
Denise Hamilton, NPDES Permit Oversight Coordinator for Oklahoma
Email at Hamilton.Denise@epa.gov, Telephone (214) 665-2775


For information regarding copies of documents, please contact:
Diane Smith, Permit Processing
Email at smith.diane@epa.gov, Telephone (214) 665-2145

For information regarding Tribal consultation procedures, please contact:
Christina Kracher, Tribal Consultation Coordinator
Emai at Kracher.Christina@epa.gov, Telephone (214) 665-8054


Helpful Links:

Oklahoma statute Title 27(a), delineating statutory authority for ODEQ and ODAFF.

EPA Region 6 - NPDES General Permit for Discharges from CAFOs in Oklahoma (OKG010000)

EPA Region 6 - NPDES Storm Water Discharges Associated with Construction Activities (CGP)

EPA - NPDES Pesticide General Permit (PGP)

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