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Region 7 Air Program

Serving Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and 9 Tribal Nations


EPA Approved Missouri Regulations
40 CFR 52.1320(c)

Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Division 10 - Air Conservation Commission
Chapter 1 Organization
Chapter 2 Air Quality Standards and Air Pollution Control Regulations for the Kansas City Metropolitan Area
Chapter 3 Air Pollution Control Regulations for the Outstate Missouri Area
Chapter 4 Air Pollution Control Regulations for the Springfield-Greene County Area
Chapter 5 Air Pollution Control Regulations for the St. Louis Metropolitan Area
Chapter 6 Air Quality Standards, Definitions, Sampling and Reference Methods, and Air Pollution Control Regulations for the State of Missouri

Missouri Department of Public Safety
Division 50 - State Highway Patrol
Chapter 2 Motor Vehicle Inspection

Local Agency Ordinances

Kansas City Air Quality Control Code 9 pp, 38 KB
St. Louis City Medical Waste Incinerators 10 pp, 360 KB
Springfield Air Pollution Control Standards 8 pp, 145 KB

EPA Approved Missouri Source Specific Requirements
40 CFR 52.1320(d)

52.1320(d) Company City Document File Info
(01) Doe Run
Glover Order 2 pp, 97 KB
(02) Doe Run
(St. Joe Lead Company)
Herculaneum Order 4 pp, 209 KB
(03) Doe Run Buick
(AMAX Lead Company)
Boss Order 4 pp, 145 KB
(04) Gusdorf Corporation St. Louis Operating Permit Nos.
8 pp, 479 KB
(05), (06), (07), (08), (09) Doe Run Herculaneum Orders and Stipulations 29 pp, 1.0 MB
(10), (11), (14) Doe Run Buick Boss Order 17 pp, 658 KB
(12) Doe Run
Glover Consent Decree CV596-98CC
and Exhibits A, C, D, E, F and G
102 pp, 3.9 MB
(13) Eagle-Pitcher Technologies Joplin Consent Agreement 5 pp, 289 KB
(15), (16), (21) St. Louis University St. Louis Ordinance 68657 and Permit 10 pp, 360 KB

(17) St. Joseph Light & Power St. Joseph SO2 Consent Decree 16 pp, 1.2 MB
(18) Doe Run
Glover Modification of Consent Decree, CV596-98CC 8 pp, 79 KB
(19) Doe Run Herculaneum Consent Judgment,
20 pp, 92 KB
(20) City Utilities of Springfield
James River Power Station
Springfield SO2 Consent Agreement 19 pp, 155 KB
(22) Doe Run Glover Settlement Agreement 55 pp, 3.3 MB
(23) Grossman Iron and Steel Company St. Louis Permit No. SR00.045A 3 pp, 117 KB
(24) Doe Run Herculaneum Consent Judgment Modification,
4 pp, 166 KB
(25) Doe Run Herculaneum Consent Judgment Modification,
37 pp, 1.3 MB

SIP Plan Summaries

Doe Run Resource Recycling Facility (Boss), Bixby
Doe Run-Herculaneum Lead Attainment Plan
Doe Run-Glover Lead Attainment Plan
St. Louis Carbon Monoxide Maintenance Plan
St. Louis 15 Percent Rate-of-Progress Plan (ROPP)
Kansas City Ozone Maintenance Plan
Kansas City Ozone Maintenance Plan - Second Ten-Year Plan

Additional Resources

  • Instructions on how to use this reference.

  • Full compilation of Federally approved Missouri rules, in "zipped", Adobe PDF format.

  • "Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans" for Missouri, 40 CFR Part 52, Subpart AA
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