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New Madrid County Child Health Champion Campaign

The Project's Purpose

The purpose of this tri-community pilot is to:

EPA Region 7 selected a rural environmental justice project in the Bootheel of Missouri as its Child Health Champion Campaign pilot project. This area encompasses three agricultural communities in New Madrid County, Missouri: the City of Howardville, the City of Lilbourn, and the Village of North Lilbourn. In addition to these three jurisdictions, EPA and other partners involved include the Great Rivers Alliance of Natural Resources Districts and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resource Conservation Service.

Recent Accomplishments

To date, the Child Health Champion Community Team's accomplishments include:

EPA has provided funding for baseline assessment and pilot planning for Fiscal Year 1998. In addition, EPA will provide information, guidance, and technical support for the pilot communities as needed, but the Child Health Champion Community Team will lead the process for baseline assessments, goal-setting, and action plan development. EPA has also provided funding for implementing the action plan.


Benefits to the Communities as a Result of the Project

Benefits to the community will be a safer environment for children, greater community awareness regarding children's health hazards and prevention of hazards, and a greater capacity to address needs and concerns on a local level. Listed below are the goals/benefits identified by the Community Team in the Action Plan for the NMCTC Children's Health Project:




Child Health Champion Campaign

The Child Health Champion Campaign is a pilot designed to empower communities to take steps to protect their children from environmental health threats. EPA initiated the pilot program to meet specific goals of President Clinton's Executive Order, Protection of Children from Environmental Health and Safety Risks, and EPA's National Agenda to Protect Children's Health from Environmental Health Threats.

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