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Case Studies

Construction Waste Study of the South Central Iowa Solid Waste Agency Environmental Education Center Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
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In 2002, the South Central Iowa Solid Waste Agency (SCISWA)Exit EPA Click for Disclaimerreceived a grant/loan from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for construction of an Environmental Education Center. The SCISWA used sustainable or "green" construction materials and practices, including recycled-content materials, less toxic finishes, adhesives and materials, salvaged materials and materials made from natural or renewable resources. As part of the grant, SCISWA also conducted a construction waste study to determine the composition of waste generated and to assess the quantity potentially diverted from the landfill. The study was conducted throughout the entirety of construction from April 2003 to November 2003.

Lewis and Clark State Office Building Reuses and Recycles C&D Debris Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer
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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Green Office Building, recently named the Lewis and Clark State Office Building, is actually using C&D debris from the very site it is being built on. The facility not only will be a state-of-the-art energy-efficient facility, but is designed to be a prototype for future state buildings. Brick from the old training academy that was demolished to make room for the facility is being cleaned and reused for the new facility.

Iowa Case Studies: Alternative Methods Used To Manage Waste From Demolition Projects Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer(PDF, 3 pp, 41 KB)
This document summarizes three projects: 1) deconstructing two buildings on the Iowa State Capitol complex in 2001 to make room for the construction of a new state building; 2) establishing recycling as a criteria for contractor selection for site clearance for the construction of a new office building in Des Moines by the Principal Financial Group; and 3)  decreasing project costs by finding alternative outlets for building components in the demolition of the Kingsley Pierson Middle School, a 3-story building built in 1913.

Additional case studies and fact sheets are available on the national C&D Debris Website in the Publications area.

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