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Illegal Dumping

Illegal Dumping Prevention Project
How To Report Illegal Dumping
State Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup Programs
Cover of Illegal Dumping Prevention Guidebook showing sign saying No Dumping and old tires in fore ground
Illegal dumping is a persistent problem because it threatens human health and the environment, imposes significant costs on communities, and has an adverse effect on quality of life. State and local agencies are responsible for establishing laws and programs to control and prevent the illegal disposal of waste along the roadside or on private property. EPA provides limited information and assistance to these agencies to help strengthen their programs.

EPA Region 7 provided a grant to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for a Camera Assisted Remote Enforcement and Surveillance Project (MO CARES). The department uses surveillance cameras at dumpsites across Missouri to combat illegal dumping. The goal is to educate people and provide alternative options, such as obtaining commercial trash service or using a permitted landfill, transfer station, or recycling facility for environmentally sound disposal.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources also developed a fact sheet that describes the County Litter Officer,Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer programs that have been started in several counties. to control illegal dumping that occurs on their back roads, rural farm lands and abandoned properties. In the county where this program began, a single, devoted individual approached the county sheriff with a plan. Cover of report for Illegal Dumping Economic Assessment (IDEA) Cost Estimating Model The plan was that a deputized volunteer could identify, document and develop cases against illegal dumpers in the county. The result was a significant reduction in illegal dumping and the cleanup of many dump sites in the county. Since that time, several other counties have adopted similar programs and found them successful.

EPA Region 5, which serves Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin, established an Illegal Dumping Prevention Project, to exchange information and establish partnerships to develop and implement strategies to combat illegal dumping. Useful resources include the Illegal Dumping Guidebook and the Illegal Dumping Economic Assessment (IDEA) model.

This model is a simple, useful tool to help users understand the total costs associated with illegal dumping and the economic impact on their community.

How to Report Illegal Dumping

Kansas. To report illegal dumping contact the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Field Office, near you or call 1-800- 282-9790.

Missouri. To report illegal dumping use an online form,Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer or call (573) 751-5401 or 1-800-361-4827.

Nebraska. To report illegal dumping call Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality’s toll free number: (877)253-2603.

Iowa. To report illegal dumping contact the Department of Natural Resources field office,Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer near you or call (515) 281-8973.

State Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup Programs

Nebraska:Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer The Illegal Dumpsite Cleanup Program provides funding assistance to political subdivisions. Approximately $100,000 is available annually.

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