Region 8

Asbestos Specialists in Libby

In 2002, EPA began removing vermiculite insulation from attics and other accessible interior and exterior spaces to reduce the threat to public health from asbestos in Libby. This may include as many as 3,600 homes, and take up to three years. The work will be done at no cost to residents.

This action is a result of the investigation and remediation of tremolite-series asbestos from the W.R. Grace mine, so EPA will NOT be removing any other types of asbestos.

Why Might I Need an Asbestos Professional?

Although EPA is conducting removals of vermiculite insulation, some homeowners may have asbestos inspection, abatement, analysis or disposal needs that cannot be addressed by EPA. These include:

  • Identification and potential removal of non-Libby asbestos (typically pipe wrap, furnace coatings or siding).
  • Removal of contaminated vermiculite from areas that are not normally accessible (such as interior walls), but may be exposed due to remodeling or construction projects.
  • An immediate removal of contaminated vermiculite that would not be removed quickly enough under EPA's program to meet the owner's needs. An example might be a removal to satisfy a real estate transaction.
  • Identification and potential removal of contaminated vermiculite that may be discovered by the homeowner after EPA has completed its removal program and has left Libby.

Montana's asbestos rules do not regulate homeowners removing asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in their homes. However, transportation and disposal of the asbestos waste is regulated.

It is strongly recommended to use an abatement professional to ensure the work is done properly.

Homeowners who do the work themselves must contact DEQ to ensure they are meeting all requirements, including disposal in a landfill licensed to accept asbestos.

How Do I Find the Person or Information I Need?

The Asbestos Control Program Exit at the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) maintains a list of all licensed/certified asbestos inspectors, abatement contractors and laboratories in Montana. They also maintain a list of asbestos courses approved by the State of Montana for persons interested in training to be an asbestos inspector, worker, contractor/supervisor or management planner. Finally, they have a list of Class II landfills that accept friable asbestos.

You can obtain the latest copy of the list by calling 406-444-3490.

  • DEQ's Asbestos Control Program has the statutory authority to control and issue project permits, approve course work for accreditation of persons engaged in asbestos related occupations, and accredit persons to engage in asbestos-related occupations.
  • By definition, an ACM is any material that contains more than 1 percent asbestos.
  • An asbestos abatement project is the encapsulation, enclosure, removal, repair, renovation, placement in new construction, or demolition of friable or potentially friable ACM in a building, or the transportation or disposal of friable or potentially friable ACM.
  • Abatement projects require a permit from the Asbestos Control Program and must be done by persons with a Montana contractor/supervisor or worker accreditation.