Region 8

Do you need the Public Liaison?

  • Have you had trouble getting your Superfund questions answered?
  • Have you tried to work through normal channels at EPA and didn't get anywhere?
  • Do you feel that EPA made up its mind without listening to you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should talk to the Region 8 Public Liaison. The Public Liaison will listen to your Superfund site or other EPA program concerns and make sure that you get connected to the right person.

What is a Public Liaison?

The Regional Public Liaison is a high-level EPA employee whose mission is to independently look into citizens' environmental concerns.

The Regional Public Liaison helps settle citizens' differences with EPA by:

  • Providing confidential assistance.
  • Facilitating problem-solving.
  • Being an informal go-between for citizens and EPA staff.

Community Resource

When EPA must decide how to reduce risks from hazardous substances in the community, the interests of residents, businesses, and local governments and EPA may appear to be at odds. When protecting a community's heath and environment is the topic of the day, EPA and citizens may have differences on how to proceed. As a resident of the community, your priorities and values are important and should be heard and understood. The Regional Public Liaison is a resource for citizens who are frustrated with EPA regulatory systems and processes that seem complex and impenetrable.

How can the Regional Public Liaison help me?

If you have exhausted all routine avenues in your efforts to get answers to your questions, then talking to the Public Liaison may be helpful. The Regional Public Liaison can:

  • Answer your questions or direct you to the right person at EPA.
  • Help you understand and work through the legal and regulatory decision-making process.
  • Facilitate discussions between you and the appropriate EPA staff to solve the problem.
  • Gather information and make recommendations to EPA management on ways to reach a reasonable resolution to the problem.

How can I contact the Region 8 Public Liaison?


Libby Faulk (
1595 Wynkoop St. (8OC)
Denver, CO 80202-1129
800-227-8917, ext. 312-6083 (toll free Region 8 only)

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