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Indoor Air Quality

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Tools for Schools

EPA Region 8 offers free training and on-site technical assistance to school districts that need help in implementing Tools for Schools, supporting indoor air quality issues. School Districts that are currently using Tools for Schools in Region 8 include Adams 12, Salt Lake City Schools and Rapid City School District 51-4.

Region 8 Tools for Schools Program Contact: Ron Schiller, (303) 312-6017,

Region 8 Asthma, Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Mold and Other Indoor Air Contaminants Program Contact: Ron Schiller, (303) 312-6017,

Projects Currently Funded by the EPA Region 8 Indoor Air Program

Some of the sites listed on this page are not on the EPA Web site.

EPA Region 8 regularly holds grant competitions to select qualified applicants that are awarded funding for indoor environment related activities.  The most recent competition resulted in the following organizations being awarded funds:

San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council
The San Luis Valley Ecosystem Council was awarded funding under the most recent Region 8 Indoor Air Program grant competition to conduct healthy home visits in the San Luis Valley of Colorado that will help both elderly residents and homes with infant children identify and eliminate asthma triggers and other types of indoor air pollution. The funding will also be used to train the nurses, health care workers and community volunteers that will carry out the home visits. In addition, San Luis Valley school children with asthma will receive "Open Airways" training to help them manage their asthma.

American Lung Association of the Southwest
The American Lung Association of the Southwest received funding to offer education and training opportunities to Early Childhood Educators that will enable the Educators to speak to parents on how to care for children with asthma. As a result of this activity, parents will know how to create smoke and allergen free environments in their homes. This activity will take place primarily in rural areas of Colorado.

University of Tulsa
The University of Tulsa is receiving funding to provide on-site training and technical support to schools that request help in implementing EPA’s Tools for Schools Indoor Air Quality Improvement activity.  The assistance includes training schools staffs, inspections of schools to assess needs, and follow up advice and support to help sustain the activity.

For more information on current indoor air projects and the grant competition process please contact: 
Contact: Ron Schiller
(303) 312-6017