Region 8

Region 8 Class V Program

The Region 8 program regulates Class V shallow waste disposal systems/wells by preventing the construction of prohibited wells, and authorizing closing and inspecting existing wells. If you are planning to construct a facility that dispose of wastes into the subsurface, contact your Class V State or EPA representative. EPA can provide you with guidance or alternative options to your proposed well so that you may make an informed decision that can save you time and money. The program also actively conducts field inspections to identify and provide technical asssistance to existing facilities that are disposing waste into the ground. Many times, other government entities, concerned citizens, business owners will contact the EPA and provide information about their own or neighboring Class V wells when they recognize that the disposal system/well is regulated. 

Inventory Request Forms

The universe of Class V Shallow Disposal Systems/Wells is not well known and can be found just about everywhere. The EPA uses Inventory Request Forms to help identify these facilities for inspections.

Inventory Request Form FAQs and Form

What to do if you think you may have a Class V Shallow Disposal System/Well?

You can close the disposal system/well or obtain a rule authorization or permit. However, if you operate a Motor Vehicle Waste Disposal (MVWD) well or have a large capacity cesspool, these wells must be closed if the disposal system/well was constructed on or after April 5, 2000. For additional information, select one of the options below.

Closing a Class V Well
Closing your well means that waste fluids are no longer disposed of into the ground. You will have to permanently seal off the connection leading into the subsurface and manage your wastes through other means. Review Alternative Methods of Managing Industrial Fluid Wastes for suggestions on how to handle your waste fluids. Prior to closing your well, fill out the Pre-Closure Notification Form to describe the closure method you plan to use and the closure schedule. Upon receipt of the written schedule and alternative disposal plan, EPA will review them and contact you if any modifications are needed.

Rule Authorization or Permit
A rule authorization for shallow well disposal systems/wells can be issued to facilities if the UIC program director believe the waste fluids is not likely to adversely impact Underground Sources of Drinking Water (USDWs). However, if there is high potential for endangering USDWs or the impact of the waste fluids on USDWs is uncertain, a permit may be required.

To make an initial determination as to whether or not the proposed facility requires a permit, the operator is asked to voluntarily provide information contained in a Site Information Request Fact Sheet. Select the appropriate fact sheet which best describes your disposal system/well, fill out the requested information and send the information to your EPA contact.

Site Information Request Fact Sheets

In the event a determination is made that a permit is required, the owner or operator will be required to apply for a permit prior to constructing or using the shallow well disposal system(s)/well(s). To begin the application process, fill out the Permit Application (PDF 84K, 6 pages), follow the instructions found in Permit Application Instructions, and submit the application to your EPA contact:

Other useful permit information:

For facilities in the State of Colorado, an additional well closure form is required:
Colorado Well Closure Form

Click here for additional information on the Colorado State Engineer's well permitting program.