Region 8

Risk Assessment

This site provides links to guidance documents and resources recommended for use in conducting risk assessments in EPA Region 8. These resources contain specific information on how to collect the data and perform the calculations needed to evaluate risks to humans and ecological receptors.

This site is intended primarily to be a resource for Region 8 risk assessors, but may also be of help to interested citizens and risk managers who wish to understand the risk assessment process in greater detail. For more general information on risk assessment, visit EPA's Waste and Cleanup Risk Assessment page.

Browse the links below for more specific information on performing risk assessments in Region 8 and links to relevant documents:

  • Basic Information – Overview of the risk assessment process.
  • Environmental Sampling – Information on how to design and perform studies to collect data on the nature and extent of environmental contamination at a site.
  • Fate and Transport Models – Information on how to estimate the likely behavior of chemicals in the environment.
  • Vapor Intrusion – Information on how to evaluate the vapor intrusion pathway at a site.
  • Human Health Risk Assessment – Information on estimation of human exposure levels and health risks from contact with environmental contamination, including information on bioavailability and evaluation of risks from lead.
  • Ecological Risk Assessment – Information on estimation of exposure and risk levels to different types of ecological receptors (e.g., birds, mammals, fish, plants) from contact with environmental contamination.
  • Calculating Preliminary Remediation Goals – Information on calculating cleanup goals for a site.
  • Contacts – Names and phone numbers for technical experts in Region 8 who have experience in various aspects of the risk assessment process.