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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Air Permits

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The 1990 Clean Air Act amendments require large stationary sources of air pollution, such as power plants and refineries, to obtain air quality permits. There are two different permitting programs for these sources:

  • the New Source Review (NSR) program, and
  • the Title V Operating Permit program.

The NSR program is a pre-construction review program that requires new sources and existing sources that are making modifications to obtain permits prior to commencing construction. The Title V program requires operating permits for large existing sources.

The Region 9 Air Permits Office oversees states, local governments, and tribes in the development and implementation of the NSR and Title V programs. The Permits Office also directly administers the programs in certain areas of the Region.

Permit Programs

Photo of Los Angeles on a clean air day
Photo of Los Angeles on a clean air day

Title V Operating Permit Program

The Title V program requires major industrial sources and certain other sources to obtain a permit that consolidates all of the Clean Air Act requirements for the facility into one document. The purpose of the Title V Program is to reduce violations of air pollution laws and improve enforcement of those laws.

New Source Review (NSR)

The NSR program requires that industrial sources install the most stringent pollution control technology when they construct or significantly modify their facilities.

Environmental Justice and Permitting

As part of EPA’s ongoing efforts to integrate environmental justice into EPA’s permitting process, each EPA regional office has developed a regional implementation plan to address meaningful engagement of overburdened communities for EPA-issued permits. Please see the Environmental Justice and Permitting webpage for further information.

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