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Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

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Air Permits Public Participation Guidelines

Members of the public and other interested parties can contribute valuable information and ideas that improve the quality of both agency decisions and permit applications. EPA believes that public participation is a vital component of the permitting process. The permitting process gives citizens a number of opportunities to express their ideas and concerns. Here are several helpful guidelines that can assist you in having your voice heard:

  • Ask an EPA Air Permitting Staff person to have your name put on the mailing list for notices, and other documents distributed by the agency for the permitting action. You may contact the Air Permits Office by Calling (415) 947-4143, or by sending us an e-mail at R9AirPermits@epa.gov.

  • Do your own research by talking to local officials, contacting research or industry organizations, reading permitting agency materials, and interacting with interested groups in the community.

  • Submit written comments that are clear, concise, and well documented before the end of the public comment period. Comments are more effective if they can be tied back to the regulation or on how the permit conditions should be modified.

  • Participate in public hearings and other meetings related to the permit. Provide testimony that supports your position.

Follow the process closely. Watch for permitting agency decisions and review the agency's responses to public comments. Remember that citizens may have an opportunity to appeal agency decisions.

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