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Children and Asthma: Hawaii

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There are approximately 296,000 children in Hawaii (2000 census), comprising about 24% of the total Hawaiian population. The general Hawaiian population is 41.6% Asian, 24.3% White, 9.4% Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, 1.8% African American, and 21.4% identified their ethnicity as “other”. In Hawaii, 7.7% of families are living below the poverty level; nearly 40,000 children live in poverty.

About 4.3% of Hawaiians have asthma; children have the highest rates. Native Hawaiians and Part-Hawaiians had the highest prevalence rate compared to the other racial groups. Among the islands, Kauai has the highest asthma prevalence rates. Source: Hawaii Department of Health Health and Vital Statistics. Exiting EPA (disclaimer)

Asthma interventions

Assessment of Health Effects Associated with Volcanic Emissions
CDC is funding the Hawaii Department of Health to establish a lung function monitoring program and asthma intervention for children from eight schools in Hilo, Hawaii, near the Kilauea Volcano.

Open Airways for Schools Exiting EPA (disclaimer)
This program was developed by the American Lung Association and helps children ages 8-11 take the steps necessary to help prevent asthma episodes by recognizing asthma symptoms when they occur and carrying out the appropriate management steps. Open Airways consists of six 40-minute group lessons for children held during the day, with take home assignments. School participation in Open Airways varies by state; contact the local ALA chapter for more information.

Additional Resources

American Lung Association Hawaii Exiting EPA (disclaimer)
Descriptions of asthma programs underway in Hawaii: Open Airways for Schools, Sesame Street “A” is for Asthma, Asthma Sports Day Camp, Asthma Awareness and Advocacy, as well as general information and resources.

Hawaii Department of Health
The Hawaii state health department is currently funded under the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) “Addressing Asthma from a Public Health Perspective” program. Under the auspices of this program, Hawaii will work to develop an asthma control plan that includes disease tracking, intervention, and occupational components.

The environmental health branch contains information such as air quality data. Health statistics are also available. Hawaii is listed on the U.S. map as receiving CDC funds for interventions and there is overarching info about what is being done with those funds.

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